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Youth Jobs Program to Start in June for Massive Hiring

You are currently viewing Youth Jobs Program to Start in June for Massive Hiring
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If you’ve noticed how the past couple of years have decimated the landscape of the jobs market, it might be in your best interest to make sure that your youth jobs

In the city of Bakersfield, there’s a new initiative to get more new hires quicker. This is evident through the new Youth Jobs Program. It’s supposed to start in June. The program itself was funded by a $5.39 million from both California Volunteers and the office of the Governor. This will be able to allow for a hiring of about 400 people from the ages of 16 to 30. This involves a pain high school summer internship program. Of course, there’s also a paid college-level fellowship program and partnerships along with non-profits to employ justice-involved youth.

The Mayor Really Likes The Idea.

Mayor Karen Goh appears optimistic. “The Bakersfield Youth Jobs program aims to inspire the next generation to improve their communities by working with the City and non-profit organizations. This multi-faceted program will engage our most vulnerable youth by providing opportunities and mentorship services.”

Certainly the launch of the Bakersfield Youth Jobs Program will be encouraging enough to get individuals out to be involved in the job market. When it comes to accepting and reviewing applications, noticing the appeal of the Kern Community Foundation, allows for successful candidates in available positions. Information for high school summer internship programs are online for the program at June 13th. Applications are to come in by Friday, May 13th. In September 2022, applications for the college-level fellowship program are likely to begin being accepted.

The city will be in charge of accepting applications and placing valid candidates in available positions.

It Looks Like A Bright Future For Bakersfield Youth.

It’s likely that this will be of great benefit to the people living in Bakersfield. Teenagers and all. They all should be able to enjoy the fruits of hard-earned work ethic and this is just the renaissance we need in California. A bubble that otherwise judges the world and says “hey, because we don’t have it as hard on the west coast, we’re totally better.”

Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Bakersfield or the City of Angels. People need to work. And the younger they can see the benefits of paid labor, the sooner lives are made out to be more autonomous and productive. So much so, in fact, that working will be a welcome way of life for future generations to come. Certainly, there’s the boom of the American economy imminent. And that is further encouraged by these outreach programs made by the community. It’s vital for the continued success of the youth in the city of Bakersfield, and beyond, that working is encouraged.

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