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What’s the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Transport?

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Let's help you decide between open and enclosed transport
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So you’re ready. You know you need to ship your car, you found the auto shipping company, and you got the dates you need to ship. You know everything you need to ship a car, right? Actually, there’s more to shipping a car than just asking someone to pick your car up on a specific day. What’s important is to take into consideration what kind of car are you shipping. This way you can answer the most important question all auto transport carriers will ask. This question is, do you want open or enclosed transport? The difference between the two comes down to the type of trailer. There are pros and cons to both options but really what it all comes down to is what are the needs of your specific car.

Open Transport

Open Transport trailers are the double decker trailers that hold anywhere between six to ten cars. You’ve probably seen them on the highway and wondered how they can park the cars on the trailer. For most people and most vehicles, this probably the best option. Over 90% of all transport trailers on the road today are open transport trailers. Since there are so many options, open transport trailers are easier to get a reservation for. This means they’ll show up sooner and have more flexibility to work with your shipping dates. Not only are they faster, but they’re cheaper too.

There are some cons with working with an open transport trailer. Since the cars are open to the elements on the back of the trailer, they are open to the hazards of the road as  well. You can almost guarantee that all cars on an open transport trailer will be covered in a healthy layer of dirt and dust. The first trip you’ll likely take your car is certainly a car wash. However, dirt isn’t the only hazard on the road. The rogue pebble could bounce off the road and ding a side panel or crack a windshield. Not to mention extreme weather like hail or icy rain could scratch your car. That being said, any reliable transport company will have more than enough insurance to not make this an issue. In fact, even car dealers ship their brand new cars on open transport trailers. For most people who want to save time and money, open transport is the way to go.

Enclosed Transport

The other option is enclosed transport. This type of trailer has a canvas or hard-shell cover that surrounds the trailer. It offers better protection against the elements but it does come at a cost. Enclosed transport trailers are almost always more expensive than open transport trailers. How much more expensive varies on what kind of enclosed transport trailer you need. You see, enclosed transport trailers have a wide variety of options in the category. For some, they could be the exact same trailer as the open transport trailer just with a protective canvas covering. These are not that much more expensive and good to choose for those who really want to protect their car. For those with luxury vehicles or especially classic cars, you may need a more specific trailer.

For cars that have low ground clearance you may not even be able to get your car onto a traditional trailer. The car just can’t make it up the ramp so low to the floor. What you’re going to need is a trailer with a hydraulic lift. These trailers often don’t fit many other cars on the trailer. Maybe just two or three other cars. The secret to car shipping is that one of the ways car shipping keeps its prices down is by divvying up costs amongst all the cars on the trailer. These costs include gas prices, toll roads, and specific permits. If your car is the only car on the trailer, that all comes out of your pocket. However, if you have a irreplaceable classic car with low ground clearance, it may be your only option.

Finding the Best Transport Trailer for You

It all really depends on your type of car. If you’re okay with stopping by a car wash when your car arrives, open transport is the choice for you. If your car can’t get a single piece of dirt and is low to the ground, you may need to get a high-end enclosed transport option.

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