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Violence Runs Rampant With No Thanks To High-Anxiety And Stress

You are currently viewing Violence Runs Rampant With No Thanks To High-Anxiety And Stress
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Violence and murder-suicides in Kern County in a West Coast state are going up. There was a suspected murder suicide that did happen on Sunday on the sixth this year. In fact, there are way more murder-suicides that are spread out across the year than ever before. Moreover, two of them happened on the same day and were less than a mile away from each other. Although they were unrelated.

Violence and Murder Suicides

There was a murder-suicide that took the lives of a married couple in Southeast Bakersfield. Also, before that, there were two murder suicides in March 2021, where they found four dead. All on the same day within a mile of each other. They are unrelated.

North of the Valley Plaza Mall, there is where the suspected murder suicide. It happened on Sunday. Moreover, it has seen its real share of violence. Thus, in 2020, a double homicide did occur in that same neighborhood.

Overflowing Anxiety and Stress are the Causes

According to Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist Corey Gonzales says this year of increased violence and aggression might stem.

“Each one of us, all of us are really capable of being destructive,” Gonzales said. “Moreover, our backs are really up against the wall. There is too much stress. People feel insecure. They feel threatened. We are obsessive. Also is alcohol or drugs which are involved.”

There should be an awareness of their mental state and also know when they should take a step back. This is what Gonzales said. Moreover, he even said slowing your breathing down can, in fact, eliminate the effects of adrenaline.

“Therefore, it is really important if somebody does want some space from you, it seems your best bet is to listen to them. Then allow them that space,” Gonzales said. “also, when you allow that space it does help you get that adrenaline of our of your body. Thus it can help you get a perspective to get back to your rational self.”

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