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Two Dead in Apartment Shooting

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BAKERSFIELD, CA — Bakersfield Police Department is investigating a deathly shooting that took place this a.m. inside an apartment and killed a man and a woman.

The shooting took place at the Santa Fe Apartments on Union slightly before 1 a.m. on Monday morning. When the BPD officers arrived at the scene, after being alerted by three shots detected by ShotSpotter, they found the bodies of a man and a woman in the parking lot.

The victims have been identified as Louise and Carlos Abraham, and they were brother and sister. They were 34 and 20 years old respectively. The police forces also found the deceased woman’s three children at the scene. They are 6, 8 and 10 and even though they witnessed the shooting they were not hurt.

While the authorities were at the scene, a suspicious vehicle was seen abandoning the premises. When police tried to stop the car, it fled leading to a short chase that ended when the driver crashed into another vehicle in a highway ramp.

The man driving the car was taken into custody as a prime suspect in the shooting. He has been identified as Matauto Gilmete, 39.

According to the BPD, he is the father of the three children found at the scene. But it is not clear yet the exact nature of his relationship with the victim, if they were married, separated or dating.

Gilmete had a weapon in his car when he was detained, apparently has several criminal convictions in Kern County. Among his past court records, there is a conviction for violating a court order to prevent domestic violence.

Although the investigation is still going, Gilmete has been arrested on two counts of murder and evading police.

Meanwhile, the exact cause and manner of death have not yet been released and authorities are waiting for the autopsy report.

The Kern County Coroner has asked for anyone with information regarding the shooting to call the BPD.  

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