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Truck Shipping

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truck shipping

There are many types of trucks, so if you need to ship one, look specifically for an auto transport company that can ship the kind of truck you have. It should not be the problem, although it is harder to find a carrier for some kinds of trucks than for the others. Be careful in choosing an auto shipping company. If you find a good one, your shipping will go smoothly, but if you deal with unreliable auto haulers you will only get more problems with moving your truck.

Truck Shipping with Bakersfield Car Transport

At Bakersfield Car Transport we ship trucks of all shapes and sizes. Food trucks and cleaner trucks, boxer trucks and road sweepers – we can ship it all!  Our crew has dealt with many trucks over the years, shipping them across the country. Wherever you need to move your truck, don’t worry – we ship to every American state, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Need to ship a semi-truck? There are different situations when you might need auto transport for a semi-truck. Maybe it is broken or you are selling it and do now want to add any more miles on it. While it is not the easiest task to find a carrier to “haul a hauler”, Bakersfield Car Transport is a team of experts and we’ll do it for you. We will organize the whole process of your Truck Shipping, leaving you nothing to worry about! Our main priority is always our customers’ satisfaction and safety in their vehicles.

Call our office today at (661) 371-4553 to get a free quote for Auto Shipping. We have a lot of special discounts, including Truck Transport discounts. Check out our affordable rates and let Bakersfield Car Transport safely move your truck for you!