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Transport Trailers We Use to Get the Job Done

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This open transport trailer can ship up to eight vehicles at once!
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Bakersfield Car Transport uses a variety of trailers to haul the vehicles our customers give us. After all, different vehicles have different needs for space and security. So, we have amassed a large collection of trailers that can help us with any shipping request. Here are some of the trailers we’ll use to haul what you need us to haul.

Open Transport Trailers

Open transport is what most people think of when they think of car transport. No doubt this is due to the very recognizable trailers we use to make it happen. Open trailers are easy to spot because they have a distinctive accordion-like shape and leave their cars open to the world. If you’ve seen a bunch of cars arranged behind (and sometimes on top of) a semi-truck, this is what you were looking at.

Open trailers are great for shipping standard cars because they can fit a lot of them all at once. Some open trailers can fit as many as 10 cars at once. This allows us, your car haulers, to be more efficient with our work. However, they aren’t ideal for exotic cars that require more security or have an expensive paint job. The next trailer on this list is perfect for that.

Enclosed Transport Trailers

If you want to completely ensure your car’s safety while it’s on the road, this is the trailer for you. Enclosed trailers keep your car in a protective metal shell, making it impossible for any road debris or weather to damage your car. It also keeps your car safe while the trailer is parked, as no one will be able to see what’s in a given trailer. That’s why we recommend this service for expensive or exotic vehicles; if thieves can’t see your car, they won’t know its value.

Enclosed trailers add a degree of security and safety that open trailers just can’t. However, they have one major downside: space. Enclosed trailers have significantly less carrying capacity than open ones, only able to fit around four cars at a time. And if a vehicle exceeds its height or width dimensions, it simply won’t fit in an enclosed trailer. For those vehicles, we’ll have to break out the big guns.

Special Orders

Open and enclosed trailers work perfectly for almost all transport orders. That’s because we usually only need to ship passenger vehicles. Sometimes, though, someone who owns a piece of construction equipment or a big military vehicle asks us to help them out. For these orders, we get in touch with our haulers who have specialty car shipping trailers.

Some of these trailers are actually pretty common. We use flatbed trailers whenever we can for these orders because they’re easier to schedule. Flatbeds are common trailers, but they aren’t usually used for car shipping, so we will need to find someone with specific experience. For loads that can’t even fit on those, however, we may need to find something bigger, like a lowboy trailer. While these trailers are harder to use for auto transport, no job is too big for us. We’ll rise to the occasion no matter what you need us to haul!

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