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Toyota Sienna Has An Outdoorsy Special Edition That Includes A Lift Kit

You are currently viewing Toyota Sienna Has An Outdoorsy Special Edition That Includes A Lift Kit
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Toyota is bringing on the all-wheel drive and 0.6 inch lift for the Toyota Sienna Woodland Edition. There may be a close enough pricetag to that of the AWD which starts at about $37,635. Toyota has been bringing on a standard all-wheel drive with a raised suspension setup. Not to mention a whole ton of accessories which brings about more accessories, like a tow hitch and a roof rack and a power outlet. There is an additional electric motor near the rear axle which grandly complements the hybrid drivetrain to use the 2.5-liter inline-four gasoline engine. With the mechanics, there makes for 6.9 inches of difference for the ground clearance. Of course, this is 1.1 inch less than a Highlander SUV.

Furthermore, the Toyota Woodland is available in a color aptly titled Cement. Additionally, Midinight Black happens to be the only other color available for this trim package. It tends to feature different interior stitching and black badges. There are also other options in the Woodland model. Such as roof-rack crossbars which would pretty much be $200 in any other case. Another example is a 1500-watt power outlet coming in at a cost of $300. Whereas the tow hitch would be about $840. Toyota is not even close to releasing a price on the Woodland Edition. We’re unable to say if it’s good enough value comparable enough to add these options on their own.

The 2022 Sienna is likely going to be a good advancement for Toyota, being that they are quickly approaching the route of not advancing with traditional gas-powered powertrain in future models. Well, them and every automobile company. It just seems to be the common route these days. Why that is, isn’t so apparent and spelt-out as other aspects of the car industry. There’s no real way to discern any other circumstance. Isn’t that the truth? Toyota is so smart.

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