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Tesla Dethroned By Volkswagen As The Top Seller Of EVs

You are currently viewing Tesla Dethroned By Volkswagen As The Top Seller Of EVs
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Tesla, for the longest time, has been associated with electric vehicles as the face of the sub-culture. Much like how peanut butter simply can’t exist without jelly. Elon Musk, while smart, may have underestimated certain contenders in this industry. Namely, Volkswagen. What started off as a harmless friendship long ago may have since rotted into a bitter feud that online fanboys fantasize about. Herbert Diess himself may have come to Elon Musk–and very well still may be enamored with the man–for support and advice.

Well, now the tables have turned. I would say that Tesla is charging up for a revenge tactic but I’m never entirely sure of their methodology as they have murky deadline tactics.

Even in a generic country scale, battery-electric vehicles are being accounted for as more than half the cars being sold. Isn’t that terrific? It may be thanks fo huge tax incentives. Or maybe zero-emissions. Zero-worries as it turns out. Likely, polluting vehicles are being pushed to the curb. That is because Tesla is no longer outselling Volkswagen. How so, you might ask? Well, it has to do with battery electric vehicles accounting in some places for a lot of sales.

One-third? No. Three-thirds? Impossible.

Two-thirds. That’s more like it, really. That’s how much Tesla is losing to the VW company.

Tax incentives are likely a real reason to embrace electric vehicles rather than traditional internal combustion models. And with the way Volkswagen is more popular than Tesla, being how it’s way more affordable, it’s a no-brainer.

Tesla has a couple of tricks up their sleeves just yet. While Volkswagen is still rolling out their ID series of electric vehicles, coming in all sizes and flavors, Tesla bides the time.

Just you wait. The Cybertruck is really going to do some shocking damage to the competition.

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