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Specialty Transport for All Kinds of Vehicles

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No vehicle is too large or specialized for us!
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At Bakersfield Car Transport, we’re proud to say that we can ship any car or vehicle you need. We tailor our services to fit the wide range of needs our customers have. That’s why we offer a few types of specialty transport for niche types of vehicles. Read on to learn how we handle non-standard transport requests of all kinds.

Have an exotic car? Not a problem for us!

When you’re gearing up to ship an exotic car, you’ll have a few concerns to address with your shipping company. Exotic cars need to receive the star treatment and be kept as safe as possible. Bakersfield Car Transport understands this. With our exotic car transport, you’ll know your vehicle is safe. We’ll place it in its own temperature-controlled trailer that will protect it completely from the elements. You’ve paid a lot for your special car, so let Bakersfield Car Transport treat it like the gem it is.

Military equipment transport is another specialty of ours.

Our troops are important to us. They defend the country from foreign threats of all kinds every day. While we can’t say the same for our company, we can assist our troops with quality military equipment shipping. Even our military sometimes needs to ship things across the country, and we’re honored to provide this service. Veterans and active service members can also get a discount on any shipment they need to make for their personal vehicles! Whenever we can help our armed forces out, Bakersfield Car Transport is more than happy to make their lives a little easier.

We can even do heavy hauls!

Heavy hauling refers to the transport of any oversize or overweight vehicle or load. Generally, these loads are things like pieces of construction equipment, heavy machines, or specialty vehicles like yachts. Bakersfield Car Transport has both the equipment and the know-how to make this type of specialty transport happen with ease. Whether we need to use a heavy-duty crane or a winch to load your oversize load, we can handle it. We’ll also make sure to get the right permits for your load, so we’re in compliance with all federal regulations. Heavy hauling can be a challenge, but not for Bakersfield Car Transport!

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