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Senator Helping West Coast City Residents get Owed Money From EDD

You are currently viewing Senator Helping West Coast City Residents get Owed Money From EDD
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Senator Shannon Grove’s office has taken under her wing hundreds of Kern residents needing help with their EDD claims. “We’re handling about 400 claims and we try to get them processing before we pick up additional claims,” Sen. Shannon Grove said.

Unfortunately, California’s Employment Development Department has had thousands upon thousands of unemployment claims throughout the long, exhausting, and frustrating COVID-19 pandemic. What’s worse is that claims came with a backlog of delayed payments, fraud, and phone lines with wait times lasting all day or even longer. One thing after another plagues the EDD and along with the beleaguered unemployed just trying to survive and look for work.

Senator Shannon Grove is Literally a Godsend to Bakersfield Residents

There is one Bakersfield resident, in particular, that has fallen through the EDD cracks months ago. One wonders how this woman is doing after getting help from a state Senator.

Moreover, a few people have waited patiently for months to get their unemployment checks. Yes, they have spent days on the phone to talk to a human and not just a robot about their EDD situations. However, the cycle does repeat again and again.

Amy Callagy Has Beat the Odds and Received Thousands Owed to Her

Getting out of this cycle due to State Senator Shannon Grove’s office, Amy Callagy has finally gotten her money. The senator did what no one else can do.

“In fact, they owed me right around 7,000 dollars,” Aimee Callagy said. “So they can get you, it can be 100 dollars, it could be 10,000 dollars. They are, in fact, going to help you get your money.”

“What a blessing! It felt like the world had been lifted off my shoulders,” Callagy said. “I was literally down to 38 cents in my bank account. This is such a relief. Thus, I paid my bills and now I’ve been looking for work.”

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