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Safety First for Your Fleet This Year

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Sometimes, we tend to put safety on the back burner when it comes to our fleets. But, safety is more important than we think – and it doesn’t just mean responding to problems that occur on the road. More planning and preparation is necessary for successful safety. So, this year, think about what problems are most important for your fleet and start planning accordingly. Here are a few tips for safety planning in 2019.

safety planning

First, what do you want to accomplish this year in terms of safety and your fleet? Make a list of those things and then outline how you are going to get them done. One thing you might be thinking about is the changes in rules and regulations beginning this year. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is changing its expectations of safety as well. They are set to start using the “item response theory” (IRT) method to evaluate fleet safety.

How can you prepare?

Plan and schedule your meetings for your company this year. You can then plan what messages regarding safety you’ll give them at each meeting. Remember, reminding your employees and encouraging them to participate in safety training and practices is incredibly important. Showing up during actual work time and not just meetings can also help with this. Show your employees you are serious and you care about the wellbeing of them and the company.

And, safety isn’t just important for your employees – it’s also important for your customers. Customers want to work with fleets that are proven safe and secure for their products. So, this year, to improve your safety strategies and therefore improve your business – show your customers the numbers. Give them your improved safety numbers.

You can also show them how your drivers and employees want to work with your company in particular because of the safety regulations. And, your safety record helps qualify you for electronic bypass, such as PrePass. This makes your company even more reliable for customers.  

So, make safety a priority this year. How are you going to make changes in your fleet to increase your safety statistics? What will you tell your employees to create better safety practices on the road and in the loading dock?

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