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Recent Updates About Accident in Downtown Bakersfield

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Bakersfield Accident

Bakersfield, CA – as is already known police reported an injury accident downtown near 21st and H Streets on Tuesday evening.

BPD recorded the accident as a vehicle versus pedestrian crash. The police are shutting down between 20th and 21st Streets because of the accident.

It was uncertain what exactly occurred, how serious the injuries were and how many people were involved in the accident. However, we do know a little more about what happened downtown. Let’s take a look at the information the police are releasing so far.

Recent Updates on the Downtown Accident

According to Bakersfield Police, the pedestrian who was hit by a car at 21 and H Streets Tuesday evening was taken to Kern Medical with moderate injuries.

According to BPD alcohol or drugs did not appear to be a factor with the driver. But it is unknown if drugs or alcohol affected the pedestrian.

Currently, Bakersfield Police are investigating a vehicle versus pedestrian crash in downtown Bakersfield.

According to BPD, the crash happened near H and 21 Streets at 5:19 p.m. on Tuesday evening.

BPD also reported that the pedestrian suffered moderate to major injuries due to the accident. Emergency personnel took them to Kern Medical for treatment.

H Street between 20th and 21st Streets have been shut down as BPD investigates the crash. BPD said if the accident turns fatal, the area will need to remain closed for a much longer period of time. After all, it takes much longer to investigate a homicide than a traffic accident.

The driver of the vehicle did not escape the scene. He stayed on the scene and was supportive to the person that he hit. He also provided plenty of information to the police.

Law enforcement officials are on the scene of a traffic incident in downtown Bakersfield.

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