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Preparing Your Vehicle for Auto Transportation

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People can easily see in through windows, so remove all valuables!
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Auto transportation is not a quick and easy thing to do. It does have a lot of work that goes into it, mostly for the auto shipper. There is also work that the car owner can do too. The preparation work that the car owner can do makes the shipping go a lot smoother for everyone. When the car is ready for shipping, it makes everything immensely easier. We suggest getting your car(s) ready by following this guide to proper auto transportation preparation.

Take Out Valuables

By removing valuables, you remove a large threat of theft or damage. When people have an easy viewing to the interior of their car and see valuables, they are more likely to try and steal them. During the shipping process, you vehicle will be parked intermittently when the driver is sleeping, so at this time it runs the risk of theft. Remove valuables, that risk is significantly lowered.

Wash Your Car Before Shipping

This probably sounds incredibly silly and unnecessary, but we promise it is actually very helpful. When your car is freshly washed, you can see what, if any, damage your car presently has. This means if there are any scratches, scuff marks, or dents, you can clearly spot them. We suggest taking pictures of anything you see. From here, the reason this is helpful is because you will then be able to know what damage, if any, arose while in transit. We work tirelessly to ensure no damage comes to your vehicle while it is in our hands, but sometimes natural forces take over. By having evidence of what existed prior to shipping, you will be able to identify anything new on your car.

Fill Up Your Gas Tank, At Least a Little

This is another thing that you might be going, “Seriously? Isn’t that a little silly?” to, but we promise there is a rhyme and reason. While having some gas in your tank may sound unnecessary given your vehicle will be shipped, it does actually need some gas! The sweet spot we have found is around one quarter of a tank full. This allows your car to have enough gas to do anything the driver may need to do. For example, driving on and off the truck, driving to a meeting destination, and some room for an emergency, should one arise.

Furthermore, you do not want your car to have a full tank of gas because you do not want it to sit in the tank like that for an extended period of time. You also do not want to create any risk from having a full tank of gas, should any dangerous situation occur.

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