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Plane Acquisition Handles Shortage of Airplane Pilots

You are currently viewing Plane Acquisition Handles Shortage of Airplane Pilots
Pandemic Causes Pilot Shortage
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The plane acquisition is what the aviation training industry is doing to develop more innovative solutions. It will address challenges that were created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Plane Acquisition and New Pilots

Over the next 20 years, market research does suggest the aviation industry is going to require over 600,000 new pilots. Plus even more maintenance technicians to keep this global fleet in the bright blue skies upward. Also, with that in mind, the California Aeronautical University which is here in Bakersfield has in fact acquired six new Cessna aircraft. They will allow them to actually train more pilots fast and efficiently.

Number of Pilots

“Over the year, aviation has largely been served by military output,” said Matthew Johnston. He is the president of California Aeronautical University. “In fact, over the years, that number has tapered off as technology has allowed for different things. It did occur to require the number of pilots in our forces.”

Pilot and Technician Outlook

Over the next 20 years, according to a Boeing study, just in North America, shows there will be a need for new pilots. It will be around 130,000. The need will be over 300,000 for technicians and cabin crew members.

“In fact, we are going to need thousands of jobs. This will be over the next many years. Moreover, it will look like a kind of endless need if you look at the numbers,” Johnston has said.

CAU is looking to help fill some of those gaps. There is a 22-acre campus right here in Bakersfield, CA.

“In Kern County, there is a hidden gem,” Johnston said.

“We’re a hidden gem here in Kern County,” Johnston said.

There are efforts to keep their fleet up to date. Moreover, their students have prepared to enter the workforce CAU. Then, It did add six new 2021 Cessna aircraft. Also, there is a single-engine training aircraft that is equipped with the most current in avionic and autopilot technology.

“Moreover, the aircraft is new from the factory. In fact, can actually correct themselves. Therefore, if there is some unusual latitudes which the pilot does get themselves into, in fact, the auto pilot would take over and then make the corrections,” Johnston said.

So if there are unusual latitudes that a pilot does get themselves into, the auto pilot will take over and make the corrections,” Johnston said.

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