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PACCAR Is Reporting Low Q4 Sales And Earnings

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I’ll say it once, twice and daresay, thrice: 2020 was rough. There have been lower revenue and profit earnings in the fourth quarter than ever before. PACCAR, the truck maker covering Peterbilt, Kenworth and DAF manufacturing, has seen their numbers dive. 2019’s, around this time last year, was $6.12 billion compared to this time around the block: $5.57 billion. And even then, analytical consultants assumed much worse, pegging the likelihood at a slim $5.15 billion.

Earnings from 2020 were about $405.8 million or $1.17 per diluted share. Last time, it was $531.1 million, aka $1.53 per diluted share. Analysts predicted 3 cents more per share but alas, that didn’t happen.

Whatever. Negativity? It can hit the road for all I care. As meaningless as it is to believe in a new year starting a fresh slate, there’s always been ample opportunity for PACCAR to advance, and always will be. The parent company of those big three truck brands said so themselves, quoting 2020’s numbers as “good.” You would even assume that they predicted worse with all the curmudgeons 2020 presented us with.

Regardless, PACCAR has seen some milestones!

To list a few of many examples, PACCAR has 82 years straight of earned net incomes, while delivering 133,300 vehicles worldwide. This has also been increasing U.S. and Canadian Class 8 Kenworth / Peterbilt retail market shares for 216,500 units to 30.1% shares. Retail sales from the U.S. and Canada’s medium-duty line has increased to a record 22.6%. Furthermore, cash dividends of $1.98 per share have seen an extra payout of 70 cents per share. This includes extra payouts for 70 cents a share.

PACCAR has been increasing its estimates for 2021 U.S. and Canadian Class 8 trucks to a range of at most 280,000 units.

So you can say that their market shares are doing poorly. Yet, the pandemic has done nothing to pump the brakes on PACCAR and their revolutionary streak. I believe this to be true.3

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