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Open or Enclosed Shipping: How to Decide Which is Right for You

You are currently viewing Open or Enclosed Shipping: How to Decide Which is Right for You
This truck is an example of one that would be used for enclosed auto transportation!
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In the world of auto shipping, there are two main options, open or enclosed auto shipping. Both are great options and have their own unique set of pros and cons. Each option has aspects that can be further personalized to best match your shipping needs. For example, your vehicle could be shipped door-to-door or expedited shipping with either transportation method.

When deciding which transport method is right for you, you must first understand what each shipping method entails.

Open auto transportation is a method of auto transportation in which a car is shipped on the back of a truck with an attached trailer. The car is strapped onto the trailer. The trailer is where the title open-air comes from, as it is just a base with limited side structuring, typically in the form of rods and bars. This means the trailer is entirely open to the outside forces. This often allows for multiple vehicles to be shipped at once on the same trailer.

This differs greatly from enclosed auto transportation, as it is exactly what it sounds like. Enclosed auto transportation is done with a truck that has a container attached that is fully closed on all sides, creating a room for the vehicle being shipped. Usually, only one vehicle is shipped with this transportation method.

Both transportation methods come with their own set of pros and cons.

Open auto transportation allows the shipment of multiple vehicles at once, which means if you have multiple vehicles to ship, you will be able to have them all arrive together. Furthermore, open transport is the cheaper option between the two. The cheaper aspect is however connected to its biggest con. This is that the open-air aspect of the shipping causes the vehicle to be exposed to natural forces of weather, such as wind, rain, heat, etc. These all have the potential to affect your vehicle while in transit. It is unlikely that damage will come harshly to your vehicle, but you do still run the risk with open transportation.

Enclosed auto transportation is the more expensive option between the two. This is due to the fact that your vehicle is shipped like a VIP, where the vehicle is entirely kept protected and away from natural weather forces. However, it rarely allows room for multiple vehicles to be shipped together. This means if you need to ship multiple vehicles and choose to ship them all via enclosed transportation, they may not arrive together.

Either way, with Bakersfield Car Transport, your car is in safe and secure hands!

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