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Nissan Frontier Priced At $30,000 Is Looking Nice For September Sale

You are currently viewing Nissan Frontier Priced At $30,000 Is Looking Nice For September Sale
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When you read about the Nissan Frontier, years from now, you’ll be thinking to yourself “wow, this is a vehicle that is able to withstand time.” Don’t you want that in your garage? Open your wallet then.

Nissan Has A Varying Array Of Prices To Go By

When you analyze the Nissan mid-size pickup, it happens to start at a price range of about $29,015. Whereas the extension on the cab setup happens to show off quite the works. With rear-hinged, half-sized rear doors, visible on the S and SV trim levels, the SV King Cab 4×2 starting at $31,715. There is a 4WD capability as well that is present for an additional $3,200 for both trims. With both King Cab models, there’s a six food bed.

Within the Frontier model, there comes an ability to use a vehicle that has full-length rear doors. It also happens to be quite affordable as the S Crew Cab 4×2, which would begin at a solid price range of $30,515. Furthermore, the Crew Cab has an SV model with two wheelbase lengths. Additionally, the SV Crew Cab has a 4×2 SWB capability starting up at $33,315 during a long wheelbase variant costing about another $1900. Furthermore, the range-topper handles an off-road-focused throuhg the Pro-4X, which begins at a price of a $38,415. Therein which comes a two-wheel-drive Pro-X to be had at a range of price at $35,415. The Crew Cab models utilize the five-foot bed, minus the SV LWB. Which uses a six-foot length. 4WD on those vehicles cost about $3,000 for Crew Cab models.

Nissan is certainly hiking up the prices when it comes to the base models. In which case the Colorado and Tacoma models of Nissan’s would dwindle the amount to pay for the Frontier. Who would’ve figured that math, right?

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