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New California Law Raises Gun Tax

You are currently viewing New California Law Raises Gun Tax
The fight for gun control is a constant back and forth battle.
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California’s Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law several bills regarding gun sales, distribution, usage, and just about anything related to a gun. One such law is the first of its kind, as it will implement a state tax on gun purchases. Every other state only operates with a federal tax of 10-11% on the sale of guns and ammunition. California has now officially added an additional 11% tax on top of the federal tax. Another one of the laws passed earlier this week banned guns from being carried in a number of places. Newsom himself has said that he is unsure if any of the bills he signed into law will stick as he expects the current Supreme Court to make rulings against them, given their current interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Currently, the money from the federal gun tax, which has been in effect for over 100 years, goes toward wildlife conservation and hunter education programs.

The California gun tax will rather be applied to gun safety. A portion of the tax revenue will go towards improvements for public schools in order to better their safety preparation. Another portion of the revenue will go toward violence prevention programs, particularly geared toward individuals in gangs. However, in order to get these programs instated, the law has to not be overturned by the Supreme Court, something that is highly likely to happen.

Last week, there was an overturning of a California-passed law that banned guns that use detachable magazines that allow one to carry more than 10 rounds. Additionally, a lawsuit has already been filed to combat the law banning carrying guns in many places. The law placed a ban on carrying guns in 26 different location types, such as public parks, playgrounds, amusement parks, churches, and many more. This law overturns concealed carry permits.

The California Rifle and Pistol Association filed a lawsuit against the state immediately after it was signed into action.

The Association claims the law goes against their rights as a United States citizen. The president of the union stated, “These laws will not make us safer,” and continued on to explain that people should have the right to choose to own a firearm for sport or as a defense weapon.

Alternatively, Governor Newsom and others in support of the laws spoke proudly of their passing. They explained how we cannot normalize the violence the country faces due to guns, especially for younger generations who are still in school and grow up in fear of going to school because of how prevalent school shootings are.

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