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NASCAR in it’s Hey-Day: Five Instances Through Close-Call, Nail-Biting

You are currently viewing NASCAR in it’s Hey-Day: Five Instances Through Close-Call, Nail-Biting
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When you watch a NASCAR race, you’ve seen only a glimpse of history. The industry of racecar driving has been around for ages. When really, each generation would watch the drivers go around and around with such tenacity but not even realize how small it all felt. Well, virus or no virus, NASCAR is still rounding the block. So here are some instances in which NASCAR went from unforgettable to eternal. These are legendary instances where the racing sport was taken for redefinition, thanks to all these cars.

NASCAR Star: Dodge Charger

1966 saw Dodge create the Dodge Charger, which was less concerned with aerodynamics and more intrigues about doing well in the race. It’s a couple with the Hemi now, but before, Dodge took the Charger’s swoop and made it a winning car. A winner for 18 victories in that year. Ford could easily dominate the manufacturers championship, seven years onward. But they were refusing to take things lightly.


The 1964 Fords were the framework for new body work of mass-market production cars. 1969 brought on a whole new type of dynamic, however. Special low-production aero variants came about in the form of Ford’s Torino Talladega as well as a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler.

Plymouth to the Rescue!

Never fear! A winged car is here! The Plymoth is a winged vehicle which would have it’s own race at 1970, at the Riverside International Raceway in California. Chrysler was advantageous throughout the whole Daytona program. This innovation has been previously unheard of but having a wing as a spoiler definitely lead to helping the Plymouth going places.

Winged-Warriors Fly High

Winged Mopars in the 1970s saw a whole slew of Dodge Daytonas lining up. Bobby Isaac, Ray Elder, James Hylton, Bobby Allisona and Dave Marcis were among the few that faced off against Dan Gurney, Roger McClusky and Richard Petty.

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