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Mosquito Numbers Expected to Rise, First West Nile Virus Infection

You are currently viewing Mosquito Numbers Expected to Rise, First West Nile Virus Infection
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A mosquito can be a real nuisance in general and what is worse is they are ankle-biters and more. It’s been said the boiling hot, scorching weather is doing one good thing and that would be to decrease their activity.

Mosquito: West Nile Infections

In fact, in Kern county, there is an average of 25 West Nile infections a year. Moreover, last year being an outlier of eight recorded infections. The decrease is either because more people used sunscreen or because there were fewer people outside during the pandemic said officials from Kern Mosquito and Vector Control.

Bugs Looking for Shelter

Not only does the heat affect bugs but they also affect people. In fact, the bugs become less active during the hotter times of the day. They, instead, look for shelter. It looks like mosquitos have adapted, said Terry Knight from Vector Control.

Mosquito Tries to Save its own Life

“In fact, mosquitos, like a lot of mosquitoes, can adapt to high heat situations,” Knight said. “Moreover, what they do is they hide. Actually, they hide in yards like this, that do in fact have high humidity. They do everything they can to preserve their own life.”

Knight said the mosquitoes have also adapted by changing their feeding times. This occurs from during the daytime to now later in the evening.

The Bug Season Evolves

Compared to last year’s season, this mosquito season did start off a bit slower. Yet, the numbers are going to rise back up therefore as we get further into the summer months.

Community Needs to Do Their Part with Regard to the Mosquito Problem

In fact, the community needs to do its part to help decrease the mosquito problem. Moreover, people should look in their yards and remove the still water present. However, children’s pools, dog bowls and water saucers for plant pots are typically common breeding locations. He also said it’s necessary to look at fountains and make sure the water is moving.

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