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Mercedes Confirms That There Is Such Thing As A High-Caliber GT EV

You are currently viewing Mercedes Confirms That There Is Such Thing As A High-Caliber GT EV
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To begin with, Mercedes has brought upon a lineup of electric cars that will have the whole lineup bring in hybrid powertrains soon enough. Ideas like this include an electric version of the GT four-door. In which case, it’s lovingly referred to as the GT73. It’s pretty much an answer to the Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

Because Mercedes isn’t quite detailing any plans for the GT73, they are however ever so expectant to use a supercharger. The cousin of the GT73, which is the V-8 powered GT63 S that pushes off to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds. The 73 has acceleration that would pretty much shift reality. The other GT four-door models are expected to have all-wheel drive that helps for more of that power to reach the ground.

You can tell this Mercedes is legit, just by the badge.

It’s on the fender and Mercedes believes that all of the other high-performance hybrids are falling under the E Performance name as well. Alternatively, the GT 73 is pretty similar to the top-spec GT63 S accompanied by a gloss black front fascia. An additional black cross-spoke of wheels is available on 63 and 63 S models. There’s a likelihood that the Mercedes GT73. It’s likely to arrive at the end of the year. The GT63 S is at a price of $162,950. So it’s best to assume the 73 is likely to reach $200,000.

Firstly, Mercedes is the good tidings that we need to perform in the speed category. And in the hybrid area as well. It’s a performance aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. The Mercedes models are usually powerful enough to assist the driver properly thanks to a small electric motor. All-wheel drive is capable enough to bring Mercedes to the forefront of solutions.

Furthermore, Mercedes is a stunning brand that expands into all regions of good quality.

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