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Independence Day Celebration Returning To Town On 4th Of July

You are currently viewing Independence Day Celebration Returning To Town On 4th Of July
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When we were all freaking out about the corona virus back last year, it seemed to me that everything normal just would not be able to return to it’s former state. This may be due to the fact that people were especially freaked out about how the pandemic was spreading all too quickly too far. With that said, a certain occasion is returning to Bakersfield. That, my friends, would be the Independence Day Celebration. And what a celebration it will be!

The benefit of the Independence Day Celebration is that it will be an absolutely incredible and mind-blowing event.

It’s looking to be held at the Park at River Walk this upcoming July the Fourth, on a Sunday. Of course, the city has made it known that this will be a momentous celebration. Being that Independence Day is when we celebrate the freedoms we hold true to our heart in this country, independence is truly a key factor. And now, essentially, people are free to celebrate what they could not have before.

And this will be a great time, as the whole event is FREE to participate in. On top of that, it’s likely to start at about 9:15pm. The music provided for the event will be thanks to the 97.3 The Bull radio station. This is where people can tune in while the fireworks are underway for the simulcast. What’s more?

The whole event is looking to be sponsored by the Robert Grimm Family Foundation, produced by Zambelli Fireworks. As it turns out, there won’t be any live entertainment at the Dignity Health Amphitheatre. In such an instance, the City allows for attendance, so long as people dutifully follow the guidelines set in standard for the state and county health department guidelines taking place at that moment.

This is all very fascinating of the city to understand Independence Day means a lot to the community.

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