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Incident in The Hospital. No Active Shooter Was Found By the Police

You are currently viewing Incident in The Hospital. No Active Shooter Was Found By the Police
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BAKERSFIELD, CA– Active shooting took place at the Mercy Southwest Hospital on Wednesday around 8 p.m. Although there were no injuries due to the shooting, it sent the city into a panic. After all, a hospital is full of both vulnerable people and critical medical personnel.

Police did search throughout the hospital, combing every corridor and side room for a shooter. However, they couldn’t find evidence of an active shooter. Evidently, the shooter was able to escape the scene before anyone could stop them.

A press conference was held concerning “Code black’’ lockdown.

Hospital Shooting Began at Night

Bakersfield Police Sergeant Brian Holcombe says that one of the workers of the hospital called the police at 7:57 P.M. The person told the dispatcher that there was a possible active shooter at the hospital. The whole facility went into lockdown to prevent a major tragedy.

Bruce Peters, the operator at the hospital, made announcement of a ‘’code black’’, said the CEO of Mercy South West Hospital.

He also said that he is not sure about the origin of the alert.

Fortunately, everybody is safe, with no danger as of this article’s reporting. In fact, the police were not able to find any evidence that there was a shooter at the hospital. As far as Peters knows there wasn’t any gunman in the hospital, prompting the question of why the call came in in the first place.

100 emergency personnel was in charge of things.

No shots were fired. By the time police officers arrived, they didn’t hear any shots.

Some business located nearby were lockdown as the police conducted their search. After all, nobody knew where the location of the shooter was, only that there was an alleged shooter somewhere. They could have moved on to another nearby building and continued shooting.

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