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ID.4: Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before. Volkswagen Is Rolling In It

You are currently viewing ID.4: Like Nothing We’ve Ever Seen Before. Volkswagen Is Rolling In It
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Volkswagen is releasing their first all-electric SUV. The ID.4. Here’s what we know about Volkswagen’s latest entry into the fray. The Fight. The Five-Course-Meal that is making the perfect electric vehicle. The ID.4 is a compact-sized sports utility vehicle. It has all the space and comfort you can expect from an SUV without sacrificing any of the components needed to accentuate the rate of speed within this vehicle. It has an all-wheel drive which can handle their dynamics. Which is great that only a Volkswagen like the ID.4 can properly utilize, because then that really makes it a car anyone in the world can drive easily. If that’s not hard enough to understand then let’s make it a little more complex.

The ID.4 starts at about $39,995, before potential tax incentives of up to $7,500. The ID.4, being an electric vehicle, can realistically save any driver about $3,500 in fuel savings. When taking both of those aspects into account, it’s easy to see that the ID.4 is really a force to be reckoned with, in the SUV line. ID.4 has an IQ drive, created by Volkswagen to combat any unsmart situations that one may come across on the road.

The ID.4 is a step forward for Volkswagen

Being that it is one of the first to utilize a new design language patented by the German automaker. Optimized aerodynamics has been proven to resolve concerns of drag, which is significantly reduced as of an effect.

The door handles are even flush against the door panels. The wheels are a standard 19′. There’s also a black roof and a spoiler on the back. The light bar is also there to give revealing LED visibility. With the trunk open, you’re able to put a lot in the rear. Isn’t that sick or what? You haven’t even seen that there is an ID light bar inside the car that tells you how charged up this electric vehicle is. But maybe you should see for yourself when you can see for yourself.

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