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Hyundai Kona From 2024 Revealed To Be Incredible SUV

You are currently viewing Hyundai Kona From 2024 Revealed To Be Incredible SUV
Hyundai has a new Kona on the horizon.
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Hyundai is really pushing borders with the brand new Kona. It comes with all sorts of great features like a “seamless horizon” front light bar as well as custom drivetrains.

The car gives off a smooth evolution instead of a crazy change, specifically the Kona of 2024 is around 6.9 inches longer than the former version. In addition, the wheelbase had been extended by about 2.4 inches. On the interior, there are cool seats, slimmed down so that comfort and support can maintain with about 30% more slimming, with more rear legroom. Hyundai uses the trunk capacity to rise from 13 cubic feet to 17 cubic feet, with rear seats safely set in place.

Of course, the biggest difference in design for the upcoming generation with the arrival of a big light bar in the front of the vehicle. The reason why Hyundai refers to this as the “seamless horizon is because it shows off a futuristic and complex glimpse into the future. Meanwhile, the headlights are truly smaller in sizable units lowered and mounted for each side of the bumper.

If it wasn’t already apparent, there will be electric and gas-powered versions of the Hyundai Kona.

Of course, the rest of the world will be receiving the hybrid while the United States sits out of receiving that version.

The N-Line has body-color protection and a two-piece rear spoiler with more sizable openings through the front bumper.

When noticing the inside of the car, you can tell that it’s upgraded, with a dual set of 12.3-inch display screens, with one in front of the driver to show off instrumentation and the other being a central touchscreen that can handle the infotainment functions. Yet, the Hyundai has more than just digital-only control architecture, as there are functions and physical climate controls. Within the electric version of the vehicle, there are also flat floors within the cabin. Meanwhile the interior of the combustion models will keep on with the compact tunnels.

The Hyundai combustion model comes with either a 2.0-liter engine and a turbocharged 1.6-liter above it. There are front and all-wheel drive versions to be offered.

But regarding the electric vehicles, the Kona Electric will show off so much strength. We’re talking 65.4-kilowatt hours battery pack with even a single-front motor that still creates around 214 horsepower.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Hyundai thinks that the WLTP range will hit around 305 miles, as the EPA considers 260 miles easier to cover. Hyundai thinks that using the ultra-fast 800-volt architecture from the Ioniq 5 will allow the charge to range around 41 minutes to fill up to 80%.

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