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As any business that has managed to grow through the years and gain reputation, Bakersfield Car Transport sure has a history. It started in California in 2006. Back then we were just local car carriers. We had a couple of our own trucks and would make weekly deliveries. Moreover, we were working hard, and it didn’t go unnoticed. We had more and more clients coming to us, and the demand for our Bakersfield Car Shipping was growing. To satisfy it, we expanded the area of our service and started working with more drivers, growing our web of reliable car carriers.

When we moved into a new office, we were able to start working with all types of vehicles and car carriers all around the country. The business was booming, and we were doing our best to provide every customer with Bakersfield Auto Transport services he or she needs. We were working hard to improve the services we had and added the new ones, according to our clients’ needs.

We also hired a team of agents to be helping our customers with Bakersfield Auto Shipping. Our great customer service is one of the things that helped us stand out among other car shipping companies. We are proud to say that every team member of Bakersfield Car Transport, be it a car carrier or an agent, is fully dedicated to making our customers happy.

History: Bakersfield Car Transport today

Today Bakersfield Car Transport is one of the leaders of the car shipping industry. But we are not going to stop at what we have achieved! We ship all kinds of vehicles all around the United States and always look for the way to make our services even better. Of course! We want to be able to help any client in any shipping situation.

We now also have a website for our clients to learn more about us and our services. Here you can also request a free quote using a simple form. We will be happy to ship for you!