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Four People Who Gave Alcohol to Minors are Cited in a Statewide Sting

You are currently viewing Four People Who Gave Alcohol to Minors are Cited in a Statewide Sting
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Four people were naming and citing for allegedly furnishing alcohol to minors. It occurred this past Saturday as part of a statewide sting. There were 134 purported rulebreakers who were caught. In fact, the operation did involve 40 local police and sheriff’s departments from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. Thus decrease the amount of alcohol available to minors. The operation sought to make clear that adults could face consequences for buying alcoholic beverages to those under 21. Moreover, there is an intent to raise awareness about the dangers of underage drinking. The average age of first-time drug and alcohol use is 13. Nine of 10 addictions start in the teen years. There is no national programming in schools to teach youth about drug and alcohol abuse.

Four People – Underage Drinking Issues

“Tragically, there are thousands of young people die in alcohol-related tragedies every single year in this country,” ABC Director Eric Hirata said in a news release. “Moreover, this collaborative effort is among California peace officers that create an awareness to underage drinking issues, thus increasing public safety for communities and therefore also boosts protections for California’s young people.”

Hundreds of Citations Given

In Kern County this past Sunday, there were 150 citations issuing. Plus, at least 17 other citations were given to individuals for open containers or public drunkenness. This was according to the news release. Therefore, some of those individuals were also arresting on suspicion of having outstanding warrants. As well as driving under the influence and having illegal drugs.

Decoy Shoulder Tap

Known as “Decoy Shoulder Tap,” the operation does involve a minor standing outside liquor in addition to a convenience store. The minor asks patrons to buy them alcohol. Once the minor says he or she is underage. If then, in fact, adults purchase the alcohol. As a result, officers can then arrest and cite the person.

Four People: Penalty and Community Service

There is a penalty for furnishing alcohol to a minor. It is $1,000 along with 24 hours of community service.

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