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Ford F-150 Lightning Begins Pre-Production as Ford Boosts EV Investment

You are currently viewing Ford F-150 Lightning Begins Pre-Production as Ford Boosts EV Investment
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Ford and Pre-Production

Ford has just announced that the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is officially in the pre-production stage of its development. Moreover, the pre-production trucks are, in fact, leaving the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center now. Thus the fully-baked production trucks are currently scheduled to be delivered to customers this next spring.

Three Michigan Facitities

The carmaker is also announcing an additional investment in three Michigan facilities in combination with this announcement. It would be to increase the production capacity of the F-150 Lightning. There are over 150,000 reservations for Ford Lighting. Ford says, in total, it’s going to add 450 new jobs with a $250 million investment. Moreover, the jobs will be at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center, Van Dyke Electric Powertrain Center, and Rawsonville Components Plant. The carmaker is saying this additional fuel will allow it to produce 80,000 trucks per year. Moreover, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and U.S. Representative Debbie Dingell are attending Ford’s event.

“Therefore, we knew the F-150 Lightning was special. However, the interest from the public has gone beyond our highest expectations. Thus it is changing the conversation around electric vehicles,” says Bill Ford. He is the executive chair, Ford. “Moreover, we are doubling down, then adding jobs and investment to increase the production.”

Pre-Production News

The pre-production news does come with photos of the Lightning that is being assembled. There are images from the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center. It will show the truck in many states of assembly. There is, also, a Ford that even shows us photos of the finished pre-production trucks driving.

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