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Fisker To Debut Ocean EV In Effort To Expand Retail Presence Globally

You are currently viewing Fisker To Debut Ocean EV In Effort To Expand Retail Presence Globally
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Fisker is planning to show off an Ocean EV at the Auto Show, in an effort to display their retail presence in 2022. This is decidedly a choice they’re making happening as the Ocean SUV is going to be displayed in the 2021 Auto Show. Fisker is essentially laying out the groundwork for “Brand Experience Centers,” which are likely to be shown off in the United States as well as Europe in 2022.

Fisker, as the old tale goes, is an EV startup that was born out of the original Fisker Automotive.

Ran by CEO Henrik Fisker, Fisker Automotive had to go bankrupt. After which it was split into two. Remaining assets had been purchased by the Wanxiang Group, therefore turning into the Karma Automotive Group. Henrik Fisker had gotten the trademark and logo with the intent to launch into a separate company. Complete with a brand new nameplate. Fisker Inc. Even though the new company isn’t quite in the stages of show-and-telling a production vehicle, two EVs are well known to be sitting on the sidelines, awaiting for a proper premiere.

An agreement forged with Magna International is going to allow the EV company to introduce the Ocean SUV next fall. As for other collaborations, Foxconn was announced to be working with them. With Foxconn, the EV company will create “Project PEAR.” This all sounds more ominous than a Marvel Cinematic Universe.

As you can imagine, they like to “first-in, first-out” their vehicles. In which case, the Ocean EV is going to be displayed later this year. The Ocean is going to start testing pretty soon and will begin manufacturing on November 17th of 2022. As you can tell, the Fisker Ocean is still ready to show up, but not without a pricey pricetag. The US market is looking at $37,499 without any major federal rebates to pay. We’ll see what other surprises come our way soon.

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