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Film Prop-Gun Master Believes On-Site Firearms Need Better Protocol

You are currently viewing Film Prop-Gun Master Believes On-Site Firearms Need Better Protocol
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The film prop-gun master who is an expert analyst on movie firearms which are prop guns has unfortunately found himself thrust into the spotlight. Though Larry Zanoff is from Bakersfield, he has not worked on the Alec Baldwin film “Rust.” However, he does know enough about the use of guns and Western-genre movies to enlighten those of us who might wonder how on earth a tragedy like this could have happened.

Film Prop-Guns Master’s Phone is Ringing off the Hook

The job of the armorer is bringing to the fore with the death of film cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The armorer is the person who does handle the guns. As a result, there has been curiosity and speculation about that job that has had Zanoff’s phone really ringing off the hook as movie professionals try to process the film-set tragedy in New Mexico.

Procuring, inspecting, handling, and sometimes hands-off prop guns on film sets is what Zanoff from Bakersfield, CA does.

Larry Zanoff Explains What His Job Entails

“Then, for example, we may have a rubber gun, a replica gun, and then a real version of the gun that we then utilize four firing blanks, and we interchange those different props that depend upon the scene that is requiring in the particular film,” he said. “Of course, the firearms are a controlled item. Then, we in fact maintain what is calling dominion and also the control over these firearms at all times. In fact, they are either in a locked box or they’re in our hands or the actor’s hands. Moreover, those are the only possibilities for that firearm.”

In 1991, Zanoff has moved to Bakersfield right out of college to work for Calico Light Weapons Systems. It is a manufacturer of firearms that is now located under new ownership in another Western state. He is the assistant manager at Independent Studio Services rental armory. ISS supplies prop guns and a multitude of other movie props to the film industry.

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