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Expedited Auto Transport

Expedited auto transport

Sometimes when you need auto shipping, you don’t have time to wait for the pick-up. We usually recommend people to call about 2 weeks prior the desired pick-up date. If you call earlier, it might be too early and impossible for car carriers to plan so far ahead. And if you call later, there is a chance there will be not enough time to find a carrier for the desired date. But things happen, and sometimes you don’t have those 2 weeks. Sometimes you need your car to be picked up in a matter of days and that is the way it is. Don’t worry: we got you! Check out our Expedited Auto Transport services.

Expedited Auto Transport with Bakersfield Car Transport

If your Bakersfield Car Shipping is urgent, it is possible but you still have to remember one thing: there is NO way any company can make any car hauler go faster. There are limits and regulations and not just for speed. There are limits for how many hours a driver can be on duty and how many hours he should spend resting. It all affects the time of delivery, and no professional driver will break the law, as well as no decent car transport company will ask them to. So there is no other way you can speed up the process of auto shipping than getting an earlier pick-up date.

At Bakersfield Car Transport we can help you with that. We offer Expedited Car Transport services that will get you the fastest pick-up possible. We will find a carrier in your area with a free space in a trailer and will send him to you right away. That is a more expensive way of Bakersfield Car Shipping but when time is money, it is the best option.

If you need Bakersfield Auto Transport asap, call us at (661) 371-4553 today! We will be happy to assist you.