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Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed auto transport

As you contact auto shipping companies about your car transport, many of them will ask you if you want to ship open or enclosed. It is because there are two types of car carriers: the first type is with an open trailer, the second one if with a trailer that has walls. If you ship for the first time, it might not be so obvious for you which one you should choose. But in most situations, it is really easy to tell if you should go for Open Auto Transport or not. In the majority of relocations, people prefer to ship open as it is cheaper and it is easier to get a car carrier to pick up your car. But still, there are situations when Enclosed Auto Transport is a better option.

Enclosed Auto Transport with Bakersfield Car Transport: When is it better to ship enclosed?

We would like to tell you about Enclosed Car Shipping services and when you should consider them for your Bakersfield Auto Shipping.

First of all, we offer Enclosed Auto Transport to all our clients who need Exotic Car Transport. When you ship a luxury car, you have to be sure it is 100% and that is what Enclosed Car Shipping provides – full security for your vehicle for the time of auto shipping. During shipping, we place your vehicle in an enclosed trailer where even road dust or rain will not touch it.

Also, there are times when a vehicle is very dear to you for personal reasons. Then you can ship it enclosed as well. You only have to remember that it is more expensive, which is why many people whip enclosed for regular relocations.

Whatever method of Bakersfield Auto Shipping you prefer, we will be more than happy to ship for you! Contact Bakersfield Car Transport for a free quote today and ship safely. Call us at (661) 371-4553.