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Employers Consider Calling Workers Back to the Office

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Employers feel there is uncertainty hanging over Bakersfield’s office market as of late. Companies are now looking to return to a more normal workplace. Employers are weighing out the value of having their entire staff under one roof. Moreover, it is against the flexibility and possible cost-savings of allowing some staff to continue work remotely.

Employers are Thinking of Hybrid Models Regarding Work

Hybrid models, local office professionals say, are beginning to emerge. In fact, some employees have the option of working from home a couple of days per week. Therefore, they can spend the rest of their work schedule in an office setting. It could end up being a lot more different from the one they put on hold when the pandemic scrambled daily life about a year ago.

Office Tenants are Signing Short-Term Leases

Real estate brokers are reporting a few office tenants are choosing to sign short-term leases. In fact, to rather than commit to standard five- or 10-year agreements in case they don’t need as much space as they have in the past. Because employers are still uncertain how the situation will potentially shake out.

Employers Involved in Decision-Making

“Yet, there is nothing that is specifically defining,” said Martin Starr. He is a principal at Bakersfield real estate brokerage and consulting firm ASU Commercial. “For the most part, I would say that there is still some decision-making going on. As well as trying to figure out where we are going in the future.”

Vaccinations Against COVID-19 and Restrictions Lifting

Things are being more pertinent as they get put to the forefront. Especially as people get vaccinated against COVID-19 and the operating restrictions begin to lift in regarding the pandemic.

Some Employers Take Different Approaches for the Workplace

Robin Paggi, a Bakersfield human resources specialist, has pointed to varying approaches that are taken locally. For instance, one employer she knows is calling back its workers to the office on Monday, she said. On the other hand, there is another telling unvaccinated workers to stay home. That is until Kern County has entered the state’s least restrictive, yellow tier of pandemic restrictions.

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