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Door to door Auto Transport

Door to Door Auto Transport

The regular way to do Car Shipping is Door to Door Auto Transport. Not only it is more convenient for a client, but it is also easier for auto shipping companies to deliver between exact locations. So when you are looking for a car carrier, you will most likely get your car shipped door to door. Still, you have to choose carefully. Even though it is a standard task for any car carrier, you better go with a reliable company that is known for a professional approach to auto transport.  When you ship with an experienced team, your car is in good hands.

Door to door Auto Transport with Bakersfield Car Transport: How it is done

When you decide to ship with Bakersfield Car Transport, we will make it a really simple process for you. First, when you call us, you get one of the best prices for Bakersfield Auto Shipping. We ask you for the details and how you want to fit Bakersfield Auto Transport in your schedule. Then we get a car carrier going your route and after that, we contact you back. We give you an estimated date of pick-up by which you have to prepare your car for transportation (it’s easy – ask our agents if you need tips!).

On the day of the pick-up you have to be present – or you can ask your friend or family member to be there instead of you. Your vehicle will be inspected and loaded on the truck. Then you only have to wait until the delivery date, when your vehicle will get to the point of destination. It will be inspected again, and the process is over!

As you can see, it is quite easy. It can also happen that the exact locations are not accessible for trucks. In that case, we will discuss other locations with you. They will be close to the original ones, so don’t worry! We will do all we can for your convenience.

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