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Dining Areas and Streets To Be Open To Public

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Dining areas and streets will be available to businesses during the slow reopening of Bakersfield.

With reopening underway in several parts of the country, the city has laid out plans to ensure safety. The common requirement across all cities and states is that a business must adequately provide the proper safety for citizens. This includes a 6-foot distance between tables as well as some outside space.

The plan is to have bars and restaurants utilize either the space in front of the shop or parts of the parking lot. This provides the necessary space for individuals to socially distance themselves while enjoying their time.

Dining Areas Expand

As long as restaurants are not blocking major roads and sections of the city, they have permission to expand their dining areas out into some streets and sidewalks. For parking spaces, they are free to open in their respected lots.

Cities Begin To Reopen

Throughout the country, the process of reopening has been onthe minds of many small business owners. From bars and restaurants to other small shops and retail businesses. The country is taking steps to open with the strict level or precautions to make sure all individuals are safe.

If a business is caught not adhering to these policies, then they can be subject to fines or will be temporarily closed until the proper steps are necessary to ensure safety.

For customers, this is what they have been waiting for. Going to a bar or restaurant is a social time, having drinks sharing stories, and talking with your neighbor is what brings the country together. Obviously that poses problems when a deadly virus permeates the country.

The road to fully reopening the country will be a slow and arduous one. The proper steps are being put in place to help businesses and patrons.

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