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A Deputy is Cited for Infraction

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BAKERSFIELD, California — A deputy is suspected of violating a penal code in the storage of guns that were recently stolen from his unmarked, department – assigned car.

Four guns were among the items that were in the deputy’s car. Someone stole the car on October 17, thereby taking possession of the firearms. The car was assigned to an undercover deputy, and it was parked in front of the deputy’s home. Usually, departmental procedures say that these guns should not be in a car on the street. Those procedures are in place to avoid circumstances that are exactly like these.

One of the guns made its way to a suspect who was shot last weekend by a Bakersfield police officer. Some of the other guns were recovered soon after the theft. However, that doesn’t mean that the department has them all once again. Therefore, the effects of this deputy’s negligence could spread further than even this incident.

Deputy Receives Reprimand

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that its investigation into the theft is over. The department accuses the deputy of not securing his firearms in accordance with the law. He has been cited for an infraction. The department will punish the deputy in accordance with its rules on the matter.

At Bakersfield Car Transport, we’re glad that this officer will face punishment due to his negligence. After all, firearms are incredibly dangerous items, capable of doing great harm to many. On top of that, we should hold our police to a high standard. That standard should probably be even higher than that of regular people! So, being this negligent with firearms is definitely grounds for a serious reprimand, if not suspension from the force. Police need to take their jobs seriously, and sometimes, encouraging that means facing serious consequences for their actions, even if they weren’t intentional.

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