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Curbside And Delivery Services Available

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Thursday night, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, declared a stay at home order for state residents. While most businesses close, many deemed essential remain open. In order to operate and still combat the spread of the coronavirus, most offer curbside and delivery services.

Following weeks of ratcheting fears and rising infection numbers, state and local officials took executive action to stem the spread of the outbreak. The stay at home orders began with Mayor Eric Garcetti announcing one for Los Angeles county. He strongly urged all of its 10 million residents to stay at home and only travel for absolutely essential reasons.

Then, shortly after, Governor Newsom declared much the same for the whole of the state. Now, 40 million Californians face at-home quarantine for an indefinite amount of time. While initial orders last through the end of the month or into April, they could be extended. It all depends on the figures coming from testing sites and hospitals across the state.

Meanwhile, businesses deemed essential, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and food pantries continue service through the difficult time ahead. However, they do so with some changes.

Grocery Stores, Restaurants Switch to Curbside, Delivery Service

Since social distancing is the chief method for curbing the outbreak, businesses remaining open change how they operate to accommodate.

Passing restaurants, you may see chairs hoisted onto tables, but workers busy in the kitchen. They continue to cook and provide their food services, but you aren’t allowed to dine in. Instead, delivery services like UberEats, Grubhub, and Postmates pick up your meal and bring it to your residence.

In addition to delivery, many restaurants still offer takeout. Though, instead of entering the store, many offer to bring food out to you. The curbside service cuts down on gatherings in small spaces.

Likewise, many grocery stores, aware that many still need to stock up prior to quarantine, adapt to cut down on crowds. Several, like Target and Walmart, reserve early hours for at-risk shoppers. The old and those with underlying health conditions may shop without the threat of crowds and possible transmission.

You can read a full list of stores and restaurants offering curbside and special services here.

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