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California Wildfire Season Has Officially Begun

You are currently viewing California Wildfire Season Has Officially Begun
The wildfires continue to burn through the state at an alarming rate.
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As we roll into summer and temperatures rise, California also rolls into its peak wildfire season. This weekend, several wildfires broke out around the state, putting California firefighters to work with tough fights. As of this morning, there are 12 active wildfires that are all burning with at least 10 acres of flames. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or more commonly known as Cal Fire, has been releasing many updates as the fires begin and end. As often happens with fires, ecosystems change creating strong wind gusts which only furthers the fires’ reach. Residents around the state feel the heat from the sun and the fires surrounding them.

The largest fire at the moment according to Cal Fire is the Post Fire in Gorman, California.

The Post Fire has burned nearly 16,000 acres just northwest of Los Angeles. This fire began blazing on Saturday afternoon. According to Cal Fire’s latest reports, it is 39% contained. Coming in as the second largest currently is the Sites Fire is Colusa County, just north of Sacramento. The Sites Fire was reported to Cal Fire on Monday and has reached a point of burning 15,650 acres. According to Cal Fire’s latest reports, it is only 5% contained. Other large fires burning at the moment include the Aero Fire in Calaveras County which has reached around 5,350 acres and the Point Fire in Sonoma which has reached about 1,200 acres.

Amidst the current fires blazing, several unscorched areas are under fire warnings due to weather conditions.

The National Weather Service released a report via their Storm Prediction Center warning that the lack of moisture in the air via humidity and windy conditions with the heat rising are working together to get sparks flying. Parts of central and northern California are especially at risk at the moment per their reports. Red flag warnings are going up around the state, so the National Weather Service is advising residents to stay up to date and keep watch for these warnings as they may come to you.

Cal Fire’s latest numbers show that California has been under flames from 2,103 wildfires thus far in 2024. These fires all worked together to burn 66,055 acres and burn down almost 15 buildings. The good news is that no lives have been lost in any reported fires so far.

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