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Big Rig Crash on Highway 58… 3,000 Gallons of Fuel Spilled

You are currently viewing Big Rig Crash on Highway 58… 3,000 Gallons of Fuel Spilled
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A big rig rollover has become a reason for all lanes of Highway 58 to close in both directions. The crash occurred about 11pm last night, according to the authorities.

At that time, a car and gas tanker truck crashed into each other near Tower Line Rd causing a spillage on the eastbound lanes of Highway 58. The authorities are not currently aware of what happened to cause the vehicles to crash into one another. However, they know that it did cause a major rupture in the truck’s tank, causing gallons upon gallons of fuel to spew out onto the highway. It definitely made one of the biggest messes in recent memory.

Big Rig Contained Thousands of Gallons of Fuel

About 3,000 gallons of fuel was spilled at the scene of the crash. That constitutes basically the entire inventory of fuel the truck was carrying at the time of the incident. After all, there isn’t much point in trying to return fuel to a container that has minimal structural integrity. Or, in other words: there’s no use crying over spilled fuel.

Currently, Hazmat teams are working to clean up the spill. The clean up process according to California Highway Patrol is becoming a reason for the highway to be closed until the night of October 31st.

No injuries minor or major have been reported as of this writing. It seems as though each of the drivers escaped from the scene completely unharmed, which is kind of a miracle. Not only did the initial crash not harm either driver, but none of the fuel ignited. On top of that, neither driver ingested any fuel either, which can be very harmful to your body. They’re both fine and thanking their lucky stars that a potential catastrophe turned into something much milder.

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