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Best Job Ideas If You Enjoy Driving

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Do you dream of the road? Can’t stop picturing yourself behind a wheel? Do you long for a road trip or that new car smell? Maybe you move better on wheels than on your own two feet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you should start considering a career in driving. It can be a bit of an odd choice if no one around you works on four (or more) wheels. But, let’s be honest, there are many jobs out there for people just like you.

Many of the jobs might even allow you to mix driving with something else you also love. Because, why not get two for the price of one? Here you have a recollection of some of the best jobs you can give a try if you love driving as much as we do!


This one can be one of the most obvious ones. But it is very popular for many reasons! Don’t forget to take a look at this list of reasons why being a trucker is actually one of the best jobs ever!

Bus Driver

This option can also make you enjoy driving all day long. It can also give you a chance to meet new people as they come and go from your vehicle. And remember, you can always choose the kind of bus you want to drive. It can be a local one, a school bus, a tour bus or a route that goes out of town to explore the world out there!

Food Trucks

This one is for those that love food and at the same time can’t get enough of driving. This restaurant on wheels allows you to share your cooking skills with the world. Plus, you get to pick and choose your location every day! Many food trucks have a social media platform or a website where they let you know where to catch them each day.

And, if this didn’t convince you, a study showed that it is around $20,000 cheaper to open a food truck than a restaurant. It’s all perks!

Traveling (Insert Anything Here)

You can also be a traveling “whatever you want”. You can maybe be a traveling doctor, or a traveling harpist, or a traveling waiter. You can almost do anything on the road these days. Plus, this allows you to offer your services in a wider area from where you are based.

Traveling Guide Writer

If you love writing as much as you love traveling in your car, you can make a career out of it. Maybe you have read Kerouac’s On the Road too many times, but if you are definitely feeling the pulling of the road-related storytelling, this might be your ideal job.

Besides, remember that many big Travel Guide companies, like Lonely Planet, for instance, offer a variety of positions for people willing to write road trip guides. So, what are you waiting for?


This option came along with the millennial era of technology. But the convenience of this job is clear. Uber, or Lyft, or any of the other similar apps, are not only super convenient for passengers but also for drivers.

If you choose to try a career driving for Uber, you will be able to create your own schedules and decide when to work and when to relax at home. You can work night shifts if you are a night person. Or you can decide which areas of the city you want to drive around. This job also allows you to meet a lot of new people and get to know way better your way around the city.


Maybe you like driving people but don’t really care for someone new coming and going every few minutes. Then, maybe you can focus on driving just one special person or for a special company that you like. Being a chauffeur is much more comfortable, from the car you will be driving to the tips you might be getting. Who knows, you might even wind up driving someone famous!

Delivery Services

This one can also be adapted to multiple kinds of services. Nowadays, you can deliver food, a mattress, and weed, all in the same day! The delivering world is also getting bigger and bigger. Since many people lead busy lives or maybe they don’t own a car, a lot of customers have started to order most everything. From groceries to about any Amazon product. And someone needs to deliver it!

Valet Attendant

If you like trying cars or sitting inside luxurious vehicles, this might be your best chance while earning a wage. Maybe the drives won’t be too long or too far, but you will probably try so many cars that you will become an expert. And not everybody gets the chance to drive fancy sports cars for a living. Also, don’t forget about those juicy tips!

Ambulance Driver

If you feel like Medicine was your calling but you think you missed it, this is good news for you! It is never too late to get into it from the driving perspective. You can be an ambulance driver or drive a paramedic’s van to anywhere they might need to go.

This job will also allow you to realize one of those lifelong dreams everybody has. You will be able to speed and run over all the red lights and pass all the slow cars. And all legally!

Tow Truck Driver

This is a strange job to pick since you will be pissing off a lot of people and you might even get called a bad word or two. But you will help implement the parking laws of a certain city or area. It should almost be considered a civil service.

Driving School Teacher

Some people love driving as much as they love teaching. This is the perfect job to be able to share your driving knowledge and pass it on. After all, someone had to do the same for you, probably. You can work for many kinds of driving schools and you will feel so proud when your students pass their tests and get their licenses. Besides, just imagine being regarded as a mentor. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


If you live in Southern California, it is very likely that you feel surrounded by the Entertainment Industry. And maybe you even hear of a lot of job opportunities in that field. In case you want to give that artist life a try, you can always do so without renouncing to drive too!

Runners, and usually Production Assistants (PAs) too, tend to spend more time on the go than on the actual set. A runner is the one that brings and takes away everything. They need a lot of stuff to make a story come to life and they will need transportation for the material and for the catering food and sometimes even for the talent (aka the actors). Maybe, that could be you!

Sports Car Racing

Finally, if what you like are speed and racing cars and strangely-long driving challenges, this is definitely your call in life. Many people have made a name for themselves by speeding. You will get to travel to some of the best circuits in the world. And you can even have or be a part of a team. If you know what Le Mans is, this job is for you!

What do you think of these job ideas? Have you tried any of them? Do you have any other recommendations for your fellow drivers? Don’t forget to leave your comments!

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