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Bentley Allows W-12 To Be Inserted In Speed Edition 12 Models

You are currently viewing Bentley Allows W-12 To Be Inserted In Speed Edition 12 Models
Bentley knows how to show-off nostalgia in the W12.
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Bentley is celebrating by taking on their W-12 engine. All while the offer is on the table for the Continental GT, the Flying Spur and even the Bentayga.

Bentley, being an inventive and revitalising car brand, is making their marque to introduce five new electric vehicles by 2030. 2025 is when they’ll actually start manufacturing.

Limited-production versions of the Bentayga, Flying Spur and Continental GT make homage to the W-12 motor. Which in particular sits at the hearth of the brand’s line-up cruisers. Since 2003, the engine’s production line has shut down entirely in the following April.

Plenty Edition 12 logos are all over the cabin. All just etched in the gloss-black dashboard. It’s hard to ignore, but the main Beluga black upholstery will be easy to pair. Blue, red, or orange accents, it doesn’t matter. All while the special seats stay stylish. The stitching would include the nameplate and contrast-stitched quilting.

It appears identical on door panels while air-vent adjusters prominently display “12.”

To continue, the Edition 12 brings in brand-new silver brake calipers, totally exclusive to this special edition. Not to mention, the car rides on black 22-inch wheels, complemented by Opalite green and Black trim. You can see those badges in every nook and cranny on the exterior. Including the front fender of the Continental GT. Even the rear pillar area of the Bentayga and the Flying Spur have it!

It’s almost scary how often the Bentley logo shows up!

Everywhere from the door sill, to the welcome lamp to even a plaque that sits upon the motor.

As it turns out, there will only be around 120 units. Or, should I say 360 units in total, 120 for every model line. As a trinket, the owners also are going to receive a mini Bentley. Their very own aluminum 15% scale model of a Bentley W-12 engine block. How cool is that?

Bentley hasn’t quite since specified how much in addition the Edition 12 versions will cost over the standard Speed models, but there must be talk. There’s no greater evidence than this public statement made during this year’s Earnings Call, CEO of Bentley Systems, Incorporated (BSY) had this to say:

“Engineering firms are certainly of necessity placing greater priority on going digital in the face of engineering hiring constraints, compounded by retirements that are expected if anything to intensify. However, we are glad there is a source for more insights into the influence on infrastructure engineering decision-makers of potentially threatening macro conditions that seem to hover in prospect now.”

It’s evident that not only on the outside is Bentley choosing to make changes in their infrastructure. Yet, also in the efforts of their staff.

The Bentayga Speed costs $267,325, the Continental GT Speed costs $291,225, and the Flying Spur Speed costs $261,425. Power symbol, much?

If you ask me, I think it’s a good sign that Bentley is incorporating more electric powertrains in their models. Because by doing this, they’re getting a read on our future. Which is to accept the oncoming future of electric drives in the present. So it’s crucial and daresay important for every luxury automaker to get with the times. Because otherwise, you might as well leave in the dust for not knowing better. Understand your marketplace, car makers!

Not that I ever would, but if I was to own a Bentley, it would have to be electric. Probably because the vehicle itself is a statement of status. It would be preferable to have my own status be that of saving the Earth. That or at least not killing it as fast as internal combustion engines do. It makes a difference when your vehicle is the symbol of importance children see and liken to success.

Be the success story they’d love to be someday.