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Bakersfield Tiny Homes Owners Struggle To Find Place To Live

You are currently viewing Bakersfield Tiny Homes Owners Struggle To Find Place To Live
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A group of people wants to create a tiny home village in Kern County but at first they have to deal with the problem of finding a legal location for living in such a house.

bakersfieldScott Leonard, president of Bakersfield Tiny Homes, says that the hardest part is not dealing with power, sewage and plumbing or even living in a smaller space, but taking care of legal aspects.

The group thinks that the solution can be in buying a piece of land to use it as a trailer park or a camping zone. But still, tiny homes are very different from RVs in their aesthetics.

There is always a way to get a nice tiny home. You can buy one or even build one – there are websites that sell design plans. The demand is high, as there are a lot of people who are tired of huge mortgages and overworking just to pay out all the loans.

It is no wonder people feel such a pressure and look for the ways to reduce their expenses. According to the statistics, rent for a one-bedroom apartment rose 8% in a month, making it the 7th largest increase in the country. Purchasing a house is problematic for people who live on their own.

Bakersfield Tiny Homes wants to give people an alternative they simply don’t have at the moment. There are plenty of benefits in living in a tiny home, and the group hopes to bring them to Kern County.

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  1. Tracey

    Wow! It’s crazy how people feel the need to resort to these measures in order to reduce their expenses! It can be a good alternative though, especially in these hard times!

  2. Evan Boone

    In areas where tiny home sales are growing, states and municipalities should develop regulations clearly explaining where these homes can be built, and how owners can acquire land legally on which to build their homes. Tiny homes aren’t necessary an “extreme” option, but can be ideal for someone looking to live a minimalist lifestyle, get back to nature, or simply reduce their expenses. Whether these homes are a temporary or permanent living situation for those who choose to purchase them, municipalities and states need to “catch up” with the times and create pertaining regulations.

  3. Jacinto Deasy

    very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

  4. Tracy Mitchell

    Can you please keep me updated on building a tiny house in Bakersfield California. Thank you.

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