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Bakersfield DUI Checkpoint on Saturday!

You are currently viewing Bakersfield DUI Checkpoint on Saturday!
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BAKERSFIELD, CA – It is that time again. According to police in the Bakersfield area, a checkpoint has been planned at an unrevealed location. This checkpoint is where police plan to check drivers this Saturday.

Basically, the Bakersfield police officers plan to check drivers for any signs of impairment while driving at the DUI checkpoint. This is set to occur from six in the evening until two in the morning.

Essentially, this check includes anything from drugs and alcohol, to the use of valid driver’s licenses. Police search for any possible danger a driver may cause to themselves or to others on the road.

Moreover, this is a proactive effort from the police department and the city to stop any potentially dangerous activity. Many people die in the area and throughout the country at the hands of another impaired driver or from driving impaired themselves.

In fact, the statistics show that accidents involving DUIs over the last three years have killed twenty-six people in the Bakersfield area. And, these accidents led to the injuries of almost five hundred people.

The Saturday DUI checkpoint is a measure to help stop this behavior and catch it before any possible injuries occur.

Drivers should be aware that the checkpoint is taking place on Saturday, and be reminded to never drink and drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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