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Auction Auto Transport

Auction Auto Transport

By car auctions, we usually mean used vehicle auctions. Most of them are so-called closed auctions, as they are only available for car dealers and not open to the general public in many states. But there are also online auctions (such as eBay) that let everyone buy even from the states where auto auctions are only open to auto dealers. If you are buying a car from an out-of-state auction, whatever kind of an auction it is, you will need auction auto transport services to move it to your location. Many car shipping companies will be happy to ship your new car, you will only need to choose what company you are going to trust this task to.

Auction Auto Transport with Bakersfield Car Transport

At Bakersfield Car Transport you can get help with moving any vehicle across the United States. If you are buying a car from an auction, we can easily move it for you. We have shipped from many auctions and have a lot of experience in auction car shipping. We are glad to help dealers and regular buyers transport vehicles across the country.

The process of auto shipping is really easy with us. We ship door-to-door, so we will get your new car right to your place. If your exact location is not accessible to our car carrier (some streets are too narrow for the truck to maneuver), we will choose a safe location closest to your place. With us, Auction Auto Transport is really easy and stress-free. We will arrange it for you and make it fit into your schedule.

Check our rates for Auction Car Shipping – we have some of the best in the market! To get a free quote from Bakersfield Car Transport, call our office at (661) 371-4553. Or use our website to send a request for the quote.

Bakersfield Car Transport will be happy to ship for you!