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Amazon is Giving Their Prime Members Benefits in Whole Foods Stores

You are currently viewing Amazon is Giving Their Prime Members Benefits in Whole Foods Stores
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Prime MembersAmazon has been adding a lot of new benefits for its Prime Members lately.

One of their most recent and amazing new deals includes teaming up with Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is introducing new “Prime-exclusive deals” at their stores in 10 states.

California is one of 10 states that Whole Foods has chosen to add their new discounted prices in regards to collaborating with Amazon.

Amazon Prime members will get an additional 10% of any sale items at participating Whole Foods stores.

Although the prime membership prices have increased, it is still including lots of benefits.

Whole Foods stores contain over hundreds of items that are on sale and qualify for the prime discount.

Participating prime customers will have to download the Whole Foods app on their phones.

They will have to sign into the app with their membership login information.

Once it is downloaded and ready to be used, customers can scan the app to cashiers to get the discount.

The items that are on sale will have yellow signs on them that say “extra 10% off SALE.”

For members who have the Amazon Prime Visa card, they will receive 5% back on any purchase made in Whole Foods with their card.

Prime customers can also use their phone numbers while checking out to qualify for the discount.

They also have another benefit added in certain cities.

Prime members can get a free-delivery for up to two hours.

Amazon has really grown from where it first started. With these new improvements and customer perks, they are more than likely to gain more members this year.

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