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Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023: “Che Buono!” for Interested Car Buyers

You are currently viewing Alfa Romeo Tonale 2023: “Che Buono!” for Interested Car Buyers
Alfa Romeo is now ready to introduce the production version of the Tonale concept that is presented in 2019.
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Alfa Romeo is now ready to introducing the production version of the Tonale concept that is presented in 2019. The carmaker did release a short video on its social media channels to preview the model. It will be positioning below the Stelvio as an entry-level crossover.

Alfa Romeo’s Tonale Digital Instrument Cluster

There is a vague, 12-second flick that highlights the Tonale’s digital instrument cluster. It does feature a layout called “cannocchiale” (“telescope” in Italian) by the brand. Also, it does seem to consists of a screen flanked by a pair of round dials. It is loosely inspiring by the layout found in some of Alfa’s classic models. The later examples of the 115-series GTV have used a pair of large analog gauges separated by warning lights and smaller gauges.

Image of Tonale

In fact, what is really more interesting than the image is really an image of the Tonale. It does appear on the middle screen. Also, it is the first official look at Stelvio’s baby brother. In fact, it is very surprising, the crossover does share more styling cues with the 2019 concept. Then the prototype was spotting at a design clinic. It was later that year. Also, the shape of the grille has not changed that much. Also, there are three U-shaped LEDs that are integrating into each headlight.

 In fact, the rest of the design did remain shrouded in the darkness. The production model is going to look a lot like a toned-down version of the concept. Though we are not expecting the proportions to significantly change. There are rumors which claim that the Tonale is going to be closely related to the Jeep Compass. It is beneath the sheet metal. Moreover, it will be offering many engines and at least one plug-in hybrid drivetrain. Also, if this system says the sources have said it delayed the launch: Alfa Romeo’s boss has reportedly sent the engineers back to the drawing board in April 2021.

On February 8, 2022, Alfa Romeo is going to unveil the Tonale online at 9 a.m. ET. It is 6 a.m. in California. In fact, the odds of seeing it on our shores were previously unknown. Alfa Romeo’s American division did all but confirm in a tweet that the model will be selling here.

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