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Air Quality Worsens As Fires Spread Across Bakersfield

You are currently viewing Air Quality Worsens As Fires Spread Across Bakersfield
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Bakersfield, CA – Air quality is growing significantly worse as fires spread across Bakersfield and the surrounding areas. Three major zones are currently battling the flames to hold off residential evacuations.

The Canyon Zone, Calaveras Zone and the Deer Zone are all major areas impacted by the fires. Unfortunately, these zones are not the only place under the sun.

For many citizens living in the surrounding areas, the fires are bringing a large level of smog and poor air quality.

In the Los Angeles area, smog is picking back up. Throughout 2020, COVID-19 has kept people indoors. With travel restrictions in place, a noticeable difference was seen along the cities skyline.

Now, as a repercussion of large scale fires across the area, the smog is back. Hazy palm trees and an unnoticeable skyline are continuing to keep residents inside.

Poor Air Quality Adds To The COVID-19 Pandemic

“Just when you think it’s safe to go out again, it’s not,” says LA residents Jeff Rianni. “I was staying home due to COVID, but now I am staying in due to the poor air quality.”

Another factor arises when you add in the current elderly living conditions. Southern California is currently experiencing its summer heatwave. With temperatures rising into the triple digits, many elderly citizens are feeling the heat. For some, staying indoors is all they can do.

“The elderly are the most affected by the current conditions,” says Tonya Leipzig – a local caregiver. “They can’t go out to get their groceries for fear of either catting sick, or for getting COVID-19.

Poor air quality is only adding to the issues in Southern California. With so many taking precautions to avoid COVID-19, the air quality is not helping.

“Many of these elderly people do not have air conditioners set up. This means they are sitting inside their homes with limited air circulation,” Leipzig adds. “It’s imperative that constant contact is between family members to ensure these people are maintaining their health.”

Firefighters are currently holding off the spread of the fire in each zone. While they are continuing their efforts, many are concerned about possible evacuations.

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