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Acura Teases The ZDX Electric SUV Ahead Of Monterey Car Week

You are currently viewing Acura Teases The ZDX Electric SUV Ahead Of Monterey Car Week
Acura is pushing forward with the ZDX.
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Acura wants people to get hyped over the reveal of the ZDX electric SUV. It’s going to occur on August 17th, during the week of Monterey’s Car Week. There had even been new teaser images that show a daker image of the ZDX’s very own LED headlights, shining loud. Additionally, a brand-new light strip wraps through the bottom four sides of Acura’s very own pentagon-shaped grille as it takes shape in the teaser. For the usual ZDX and the performance-based twin Type S version, the sale will likely go on in early 2024.

As that happens, the pairing is going to showcase Acura’s very first entry into the EV market, as it’s made collaborative with a partnership with General Motors. In the ZDX offerings, in addition with the Honda Prologue, Parent company Honda has been collaborating with GM. Either vehicle will be riding upon GM’s Ultium battery platform. All while the ZDX is supposedly going to be built next to the Cadillac Lyriq.

Acura had been showing off the design language of the ZDX with a reveal of the Precision EV concept through the Monterey Car Week.

Within the following year, the company had hidden images of the ZDX Type S, while there’s also a long hood with a brand-new squareback SUV shape, which is by far, nothing at all like the other generations of ZDX, with a sloped roofline.

The Acura ZDX is supposedly going to show off a similar 12.0-kilowatt hours battery pack with enough strength that can power the rear wheels while the performance-orientation of the Type S showed off the Lyriq’s very own all-wheel-drive dual-motor setup and a very strong 500-horsepower output.

It’s a strong car that could definitely change the game when it comes to making new vehicles pop out for the average consumer. It’s definitely going to be the foremost model in Acura’s lineup.

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