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Truck Transport

truck transportTruck Transport is one of specialized vehicle shipping services. There is more than one type of trucks, so when you are looking to get your truck shipped, you need to make sure an auto shipping company you are contacting can ship the kind of truck you have. It might be more challenging to find auto haulers for some kinds of trucks, but it still should not be a problem. Today you can ship just about anything, but make sure to do enough of research about existing auto shipping companies before booking with any of them. It is important to find reliable auto movers in order for your shipping to go smoothly.

Truck Transport with Bakersfield Car Transport

Bakersfield Car Transport can help you with moving any kind of truck across the country. With us it is never an issue to ship even an over-sized vehicle anywhere in the United States. We ship all types of trucks, including:

Box trucks


Bucket trucks

Tank trucks

Pump trucks

Ice cream trucks

Catering trucks

Food trucks

Road Sweepers

… and other types of trucks!

Not all the car carriers can help you with shipping trucks as semi-trucks. It’s like a hauler hauling a hauler, so it is not the most common Bakersfield Auto Shipping service. It might take a bit more time to get a driver fir this job, but at Bakersfield Car Transport we will take care of it. Whatever kind of truck you have, we will help you move it!

If you have a large-sized truck, we also offer Bakersfield Heavy Hauling services. We will arrange the move professionally and do all possible to exceed your expectations. We can also help you with Trailer Transport or move any other kind of vehicle for you.

Request a free quote for your Bakersfield Truck Shipping at our website or give us a call. We are looking forward to shipping for you!