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Residents Display White Lights to Encourage to Healthcare Workers

January 18, 2021

Residents of Bakersfield are being asked to display white light and white ribbons. This is to display them in their homes, businesses, cars, or even on their bodies. This is to show support for first responders and health care employees.

The encouragement for first responders and health care employees is called “Operation White Lights.”

Residents Doing Their Part for First Responders and More

In fact, as the hospital surge with Corona Virus patients, the city of Bakersfield is partnering with Dignity Health. This is to launch a publicity campaign. They hope will serve as an important inspiration for frontline workers. Especially during this challenging time.

Never taking a moment for themselves, but thinking about others, yet they have been so relentless in their dedication to serve,” Mayor Karen Goh said during a ceremony debuting the campaign last Thursday.

As a community, but we are hoping to offer just a little token of our appreciation by joining together we as a community, we cannot say enough thank you’s.

New Corona Virus Cases Going Up

The California Department of Public Health reported 77.4 new Corona Virus cases per 100,000 people were identified each day in Kern County from December 27 to January 2, this is the latest week of information action now available. In fact, of all the COVID-19 tests returning with positive results were 24 percent, according to the same report.

In fact, the latest wave of illnesses increases as the figures continue to rise. Ken Keller, president, and CEO of Bakersfield Memorial Hospital said more and more COVID-19 patients have continued to show up at local health care facilities.

“We’re all pretty much at our peak. In fact, the situation in the hospitals does continue to be extremely taxing,” he said.

Residents are Donning the White Lights

The community is asking for they support health care workers by exhibiting and/or wearing the white lights.

Symbolic of Optimism

“White light is hope,” he said. “Hopefully, we can get through this pandemic very shortly. It is our wish that we can continue to get this through our partners from the community at large. It is in terms of what we can do in caring for our patients.”

County Projects in the Federal Spending Bill is $70 Million

December 28, 2020

In the county of Kern, at least $70 million would be set aside for projects. Most of which the local money would go for construction work at Edwards Air Force.

On Sunday night, President Donald Trump signed the massive $2.3 trillion Corona Virus relief and government funding bill into law. This averts a disastrous government shutdown. This could have been begun on Tuesday. It extending billions of dollars in Corona Virus aid to millions. Trump’s signature of the $900 billion COVID relief package extends unemployment benefits for millions of jobless gig-workers. This includes independent contractors, as well as the long-term unemployed.

County of Kern Potential Projects

Building flight-test engineering at Edwards would be earmarked for $40 million. Then there would be $16.7 million for a new vehicle and aerospace ground equipment maintenance facility at the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. This is at the military installation in eastern Kern.

Army National Guard, CDC Funding

The spending bill would also be for a new, $9.3 million Army National Guard vehicle maintenance shop in Bakersfield. The $4 million would be supports research on valley fever. In addition, to other mycotic diseases by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

County of Kern – Taft Correctional Institution and the Friant-Kern Canal

The bill would devote $125 million for repair and modernization work at prisons that include the Taft Correctional Institution. Also, $206 million would go toward repairing subsidence damage along the Friant-Kern Canal.

A long-term loan by the federal government for the canal money which covers less than half the estimated cost of fixing a conveyance system. This serves farmers and residents in Kern and as well as other Central Valley counties.

Legislation Introduced to Help Complete the Canal Work

Quickly pledging again to introduce legislation in Sacramento that would help toward making up the difference so canal work could be completed was State Senator Melissa Hurtado, Democrat-Sanger.

Start Smart Class Offered by The California Highway Patrol Next Week

December 3, 2020

A free Start Smart starts next week held by the California Highway Patrol. The two-hour class is for current and prospective teen drivers and their parents or guardians held on December 8th at 6 p.m. at the Bakersfield CHP 420 Club, located at 3910 Alfred Harrell Hwy.

Start Smart Help Teens Become Aware of the Responsibilities of the Privilege of Being a Licensed California Driver

​Start Smart helps newly license- or soon to be license- teenage drivers (15-19) become aware of the responsibilities. They accompany the privilege of being a licensed California driver.

Start Smart Class Discussion Topics About Driving

The class discusses issues like as safe driving habits, consequences of a poor choice behind the wheel, and tips on how to avoid a collision. CHP officers are speaking directly to the newly licensed driver and their parents/guardians through straightforward and candid conversations. They will discuss topics such as collision avoidance techniques along with collision causing elements. These include excessive speed, DUI, and distracted driving.

Start Smart makes teens and parents aware of the responsibilities they face. Then it teaches what precautions to stay safe. These include the importance of seat belts unsafe, passengers in the vehicle, and what to do when involved in a collision.

The class size has limits, according to the department. Call the Bakersfield CHP Office at (661) 396-6600 to sign up.

Statistics about Traffic Collisions Regarding Teens

Traffic collisions are the leading cause of death amongst teens 16-19 years old. A teen driver was determines to be at fault in approximately 66 percent of those collisions, which resulted in more than 140 people killed.

The killer of teens and their risk of collision is four times that of an experienced driver. The risk is highest when teens are in the first 12 to 24 months of licensure.

West Nile Virus has a third human case Reported this Year

November 11, 2020


For the third time this year, the West Nile virus openly invites a third specimen of human flesh into its human quarters. It was in Kern County, according to the State of California’s West Nile site.

West Nile Virus Occurs in the Summer and Early Fall when Mosquitoes prey Human Flesh

West Nile virus is a well-known disease spread by mosquitoes. Most often, it spreads to people during the Summer and then the early fall when the mosquitoes that carry WNV are most virulent.

West Nile Virus can Cause Severe Illness

While many mosquito-borne illnesses such as WNV cause only mild symptoms in most people, the infection can cause severe illness and even death in rare cases, according to public health.

The virus can affect the brain and/or nervous system, according to public health. Less than 1% percent will develop a severe illness.

Methods to Reduce Risk of Being Bitten by Mosquitos

To reduce the risk bites by mosquitoes, use the following methods:

Remove standing or stagnate water from containers such as flower pots, fountains, birdbaths, pet bowls, and wading pools. Other Items not traditionally viewed as containers, like gardening tools and toys, can also collect water.

One should clean/scrub containers that collect water weekly to remove any remaining eggs.

One should maintain swimming pools in working condition.

Another suggestion is to stock garden ponds with fish that eat mosquito larvae. Then, contact your local vector control district for free fish.

Also, report areas of mosquito infestation to your local vector control district.

Here are ways to decrease your risk of mosquito-transmitted infections:

Also avoid mosquitoes and mosquito-infested areas at all times of the day.

It’s always a good idea to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.

One should apply mosquito repellant to exposed skin when outdoors.

You should ensure doors and windows have screens in good repair to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Supervisors Deny COVID-19 Contract with Nonprofit Over Political Views

October 23, 2020

Supervisors of the Kern County Board meeting Tuesday, October 19th in Bakersfield. They moved not to contract with two local organizations. This was based on what supervisors said were political messages for defunding the police.

Supervisors Promote COVID-19 Outreach

Chairperson Leticia Perez said the Kern County Department of Public Health was in its eleventh hour during the meeting. They teamed up with local organizations in an effort to promote COVID-19 outreach. Moreover, this was because the supervisors chose not to support the contracts.

The contracts were slated to offer $1.2 million. They were from a state grant to Building Healthy Communities. This organization is a community-based nonprofit. Another firm, Adelante Strategies, had expected to receive $250,000 from the same grant source. Moreover, this was to conduct a multicultural marketing campaign in support of Building Healthy Communities Kern.

Defunding the Kern High School Police Department, Bakersfield Police Department

However, Supervisor Zach Scrivner would not support the contract based on what he said was a “political agenda” by the firms. It was in support of defunding the Kern High School Police Department and the Bakersfield Police Department. Scrivner listed 10 Facebook posts the organization put over June and July.

“I think how our sheriff’s department, our deputies and our law enforcement would feel if the county of Kern contracts with an organization that is calling for their defunding,” Scrivner said during the meeting.

In turn, Scrivner was joined by supervisors Gleason and Maggard in not supporting the contracts.

Perez said she supported Scrivner and Gleason in their views to remain politically unbiased. Yet, she was concerned as to whether the board holds every contractor to the same standard brought up Tuesday.

Political Analysis of Any Group That Wants Money From Kern

“What behavior is politically acceptable to you and to this board and to others? Because I look at people who have an interest in this money, they are extremely controversial, extremely partisan, extremely ideological, which is their right to be,” Perez said. “I’m going to want a full political analysis on any group that comes before here and wants some money from Kern.”

Bakersfield Christmas Parade Goes to Virtual Format in 2020

October 6, 2020

Digital Holiday Parade

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Bakersfield Christmas Parade 2020 is one of many public events that have gone digital in the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Community residents and parade organizers say they hoping the new format will allow many people to participate. This is in an effort to continue in its tradition of kicking off the holiday season. This event typically attracts thousands of people to downtown Bakersfield. It has been airing on television for the last two years.

Holiday Procession Virtual Activities

The parade’s virtual activities will air broadcasting on KERO-TV 23. They will air the show from 6 to 8 p.m. December 3. The streaming event will also air on Facebook, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and the station’s streaming app.

“First, we wanted to secure the safety of our parade personnel, participants and parade watchers with an option that would be safe from the COVID-19 virus,” Parade Committee President Greg Cronk said in a statement. “Secondly, the committee wants to retain, if at all possible, a holiday parade for the enjoyment of youngsters and those young at heart.”

Pre-Recorded Performances

The parade organizers plan to air pre-recorded performances from anyone in Bakersfield that want to participate. This will be in place of the dozens of floats. In turn, this gives people who have not had the chance to participate in past Christmas parades can now take part. As a result, the familiar holiday festivities are gone. Moreover, the committee says they will keep guidelines vague on purpose. The goal is to attract as many entries as possible.

The possibility of high school computer wizards creating a virtual presentation for the parade is a suggestion by Conk.

“There’s people with a lot more creative talent than myself that we’re hoping will take advantage of this,” he said in a phone interview.

Videos between 15 to 90 seconds will air during the broadcast can be submitted. In addition, the goal is to stimulate the holiday parade experience as accurately as possible. The ceremony hosts will introduce each act before the performance.

Still, the necessity of bypassing the live audience will leave the parade without one of its best attribtues. In recent years, the parade attracted up to 20,000 people downtown.

“It’s a lot more labor-intensive and organizational intensive for the committee, but we like seeing those faces,” Cronk said of the crowds that line the streets to view the event. “When the parade goes by with a marching band, a drum, and bugle corps, just looking at the faces of the little ones, you can’t put a price on that.”

Applications and videos must be submitted by Nov. 2 for consideration. More information on how to submit an application and the rules for eligibility are available at bcparade.com.

The application fee has been reduced, Cronk said, to accommodate people and businesses who have lost revenue because of COVID-19.

Photography Landmark For Sale For The Umteenth Time

September 16, 2020

BAKERSFIELD, CA – A photography shop in the fourth suite of 4300 Easton Drive is about to change ownership, once again. Henley’s Photo Inc. has been synonymous for professional photographers since it’s days as Kern’s.

Everyone of us, at some point in our lives, feels like we’re photography extraordinaires. To hold a Canon point-and-click or to focus an iPhone with 12 megapixels made us feel like royalty. Royalty worthy of artistry. But, like actual kings and queens, we’re deserving of actual tools and a resevoir of skills to help us stay on our A-game. And to whom else do we, finest folk of focal range an F-stops, go to frame our work well done, if only to discover it’s far from finished?

To the craftsman, or in this case, Henley’s Photo Inc.

Earlier in 2020, Henley’s shifted residence from downtown for the second time. Yet, it’s the current state of affairs that drives owner Jimmy Bunting to jump ship.

Certainly, the business went through financial damages during the spread of COVID-19. Only recently, have they been allowing business by way of appointment-only meetings.

However, Bunting wrote “we hope that Henley’s will continue to be a staple Bakersfield business for many more years.” The soon-to-be-former prepares to pursue a career in the medical field.

It’s another twist in the history of a shop that’s been operating since 1948, originally at Chester Avenue and 17th Street.

Throughout all the shifts of ownership, the biggest challenge has been keeping up with the rise of casual photography. Considering everyone who has an iPhone knows how to take clear pictures, what would they need Henley’s for anyway?

Henley’s exclusive sales in black-and-white film made them a memorable asset to photography. Ultimately, the people of Bakersfield generally agree that Henley’s was the go-to destination for photograph development.

Nissan Ends CHAdeMO Charging

July 17, 2020

Japan – Nissan is looking to end the war of standard charging methods. In its fight against Tesla, they have gone to the other side.

During the 2010’s, electric cars were in a race. Charging systems were the dictator for most major car brands. Industry standard charging has three major competitors – CHAdeMO -which is a feature for many electric cars built in Japan, CCS which is the United States and Europe’s main form of charging and, of course, Tesla.

Well now that the decade has come to pass, major shifts withing the industry are taking place. Nissan is currently in the process of switching over their charging systems.

From the beginning Nissan has been the pivotal point for CHAdeMO, but since US and German electric car manufacturers are “surging”, they are now making the switch.

The nail in the coffin goes back to 2017. Hyundai motors made the switch to CCS in order to branch into the US markets. The combined forces of the US and Germany to install CCS charging systems was a power-move which would later separate EVs into specific charging stations.

Nissan Starts Charging War With CHAdeMO

Over the past decade, the CHAdeMO has been one of the strongest charging methods for the Japanese markets. It is so effective, that even during its release, it remains a better charging method than what CCS is today.

In order for Nissan to make major headway within the US market, they need to adapt to how the US is charging their vehicles. This is why their charging systems are changing despite their effectiveness.

With the US and Germany continuing with their own charging systems, many are making shifts to either compete or to adhere to these new standards.

The war is ending after a decade. The final results are currently tipping in favor of the US and German CCS charging method. As for the Tesla charging system, they are still ahead of the game and will be for along time.

Auto Racing To Restart In Bakersfield

June 29, 2020

Bakersfield, CA – Auto racing is an American pastime. From NASCAR to Indy, the formidable sport is a staple in performance engineering and entertainment.

Well, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield has opened up their track to allow racers to feel the same joy that they dedicate their lives to feeling.

While the tracks begin their reopening process, many drivers are showing up to empty seats.

COVID-19 has put a large gash in nationwide events. From Football to Basketball and even Golf, the country has shut down anything that would gather more than 10 people at a time.

Raceways are a different story. Where sports like Football and Basketball rely on contact with other players, racing doesn’t rely on the same strategies to win. Instead, most drivers maintain the respective distancing in their car for the length of the race. Pit-teams are also adequately adhering to distancing protocols in order to serve their respective cars.

Auto Racing Remains Safe (For Drivers)

Bakersfield Raceway owner Scott Schweitzer is excited to have operations running albeit to no ticket sales.

“We got everything ready to go, talked to sponsors, and had everything set for the new year,” he said. “the track raced one race and had to shut it all down. We were really excited about the 75th year, had some good things planned and we were just sitting there crossing events off as we were canceling them.”

General Manager Larry Collins of KCRP has also been allowing operations to run despite no ticket sales.

“ I can’t cry the blues because many, many businesses have been affected in a big way,” he said.” We’ve just done what we could to, pardon the pun, to keep the wheels turning.”

The future of auto racing is still up in the air. Many track owners are making an attempt for drivers. Many are looking to get out of their house, and this season typically draws large crowds. Drivers consistently push themselves to be better every year. To have their season be closed off is a massive let down.

Dining Areas and Streets To Be Open To Public

May 21, 2020

Dining areas and streets will be available to businesses during the slow reopening of Bakersfield.

With reopening underway in several parts of the country, the city has laid out plans to ensure safety. The common requirement across all cities and states is that a business must adequately provide the proper safety for citizens. This includes a 6-foot distance between tables as well as some outside space.

The plan is to have bars and restaurants utilize either the space in front of the shop or parts of the parking lot. This provides the necessary space for individuals to socially distance themselves while enjoying their time.

Dining Areas Expand

As long as restaurants are not blocking major roads and sections of the city, they have permission to expand their dining areas out into some streets and sidewalks. For parking spaces, they are free to open in their respected lots.

Cities Begin To Reopen

Throughout the country, the process of reopening has been onthe minds of many small business owners. From bars and restaurants to other small shops and retail businesses. The country is taking steps to open with the strict level or precautions to make sure all individuals are safe.

If a business is caught not adhering to these policies, then they can be subject to fines or will be temporarily closed until the proper steps are necessary to ensure safety.

For customers, this is what they have been waiting for. Going to a bar or restaurant is a social time, having drinks sharing stories, and talking with your neighbor is what brings the country together. Obviously that poses problems when a deadly virus permeates the country.

The road to fully reopening the country will be a slow and arduous one. The proper steps are being put in place to help businesses and patrons.