California School Suddenly Shuts Down Without Warning

california schoolSACRAMENTO, California — Wednesday afternoon, Paramount Collegiate Academy in Sacramento shut down abruptly, sending dozens of students and staff scrambling from not knowing what to do next.

Students said they received a letter moment before dismissal, outlining the fate of the 6th- through 12th-grade charter school known for its science and technology curriculum.

The letter cited low enrollment, plus facility and financial challenges. The board of directors met Wednesday afternoon and voted unanimously to close the academy. Hours after their meeting, the school went dark — along with its website.

Frustrated families came to the school after the closure to get answers.

“No answer the phone, no answer, nothing,” parent Aida Cardenas said.

“I’m actually kind of surprised because it’s the first time I’d seen a school get shut down,” said Giovanni Cardenas, who was a student at the school for three years.

Halfway through the school year, parents said they’re left scrambling to re-enroll their children elsewhere.

“You can’t decide in a day to close a school,” parent Yared Negussie said. “I’m upset, I’m confused. I’m not sure where she’s going to go next.”

The office will operate temporarily through the end of the month, opening Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The school said it will help with student transfers. It will operate from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Report cards will be mailed out next week.


Earthquake with 4.5 Magnitude Shook Residents Awake in Berkeley

BERKELEY, California — A 4.5 magnitude earthquake struck early Thursday in Berkeley, California, according to a report from the US Geological Survey, shaking up some residents of the densely populated San Francisco Bay area awake in their beds.


A 4.5 magnitude earthquake that shook the Bay Area on Jan. 4, 2017, is seen in a map provided by the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake hit at 2:39 a.m. and was centered near the Berkeley-Oakland boundary along the Hayward fault, which sits atop a densely populated area.

There were no immediate reports of damage in the area, the state Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said.

Major damage was not expected because of the quake, but “there’s always a possibility of some minor damage to older structures in the area,” U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Robert Sanders told.

Some residents in the area told that the quake shook them awake. A quake of this intensity generally would produce moderate shaking felt by nearly everyone near the center, awakening many people and having the potential to break some windows and dishes, the USGS says.

“It shook our house and shook the bed big time,” Gina Solis of San Rafael, across the San Francisco Bay from Berkeley, told.

In Hayward, a few miles southeast of Oakland, Robert Hilton says he woke up to a sensation that something might be running into his house.

The area’s commuter trains will be delayed in the morning so that inspectors can check the tracks, Bay Area Rapid Transit said on Twitter.


Bakersfield Earthquake

The Hayward Fault passes through Berkeley and extends through several cities on the east side of the Bay Area.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the fault could produce a magnitude 7 or greater tremblor.


Wildfire of Southern California Collapsed to Larger Areas

On Sunday, Southern California’s largest and most destructive wildfire expanded in size and swept into new areas, as the wind-whipped flames forced thousands of more residents to evacuate.

The powerful blaze broke out on the western edge of the Thomas Fire sparked new evacuations as the fire sent up a giant smoke near Montecito, Carpinteria and seaside areas in Santa Barbara County about 75 miles northwest of Los Angeles that had been under fire risk for days and were now choked with smoke.

“The winds are kind of squirrely right now,” said Mike Eliason, the Santa Barbara County fire spokesman. “Some places the smoke is going straight up in the air, and others it’s blowing sideways. Depends on what canyon we’re in.”

Fire crews, with the help of a fleet of water-dropping planes and helicopters, tried to save homes as unpredictable explosions sent the blaze deeper into residential foothill areas and into unoccupied sections of Los Padres National Forest, where the state’s fourth-largest fire burned a decade ago.

The out-of-control blaze grew by more than 50,000 acres on Sunday and scorched 230,000 acres in total, making it the 5th largest wildfire in modern California history, according to The Los Angeles Times.


California Wildfire



Thousands of homes and businesses in Santa Barbara County were without power. Overall, the fires have destroyed about 800 homes and other buildings, killed dozens of horses and forced more than 200,000 people to flee since Dec. 4. So far, one death, a 70-year-old woman who crashed her car on an evacuation route, is attributed to the fire in Santa Paula, a small city where the fire began.

Officials handed out masks to residents who stayed behind in Montecito, the wealthy hillside enclave that’s home to celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bridges and Rob Lowe.

A few miles to the west, the Santa Barbara Zoo was closed to the public. Workers there gave shelter to the zoo’s 500 animals.

Firefighters made significant progress Saturday on other fronts of the enormous fire that started Dec. 4 in neighboring Ventura County. As containment increased on other major blazes in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego counties, resources from those fires were diverted to the Santa Barbara foothills.

Forecasters said Santa Ana winds that whipped fires across the region last week would continue in some areas at least through Monday.

A lack of rain has officials on edge statewide because of parched conditions and no end in sight to the typical fire season.

“This is the new normal,” Gov. Jerry Brown warned Saturday after surveying damage from the deadly Ventura fire. “We are about ready to have firefighting at Christmas. This is very odd and unusual.”


Last week, the fire swept through the San Luis Rey Training Facility, which killed more than 40 elite thoroughbreds and destroyed more than 100 homes — most of them in a retirement community. Three people were burned trying to escape the fire that continued to erupt Sunday.

Most of last week’s fires were in places that burned in the past, including one in the ritzy Los Angeles neighborhood of Bel-Air that burned six homes and another in the city’s rugged foothills above the community of Sylmar and in Santa Paula.

A Deputy is Cited for Infraction

BAKERSFIELD, California — A deputy is suspected of violating a penal code in the storage of guns that were recently stolen from his unmarked, department – assigned car.

Four guns were among the items stolen October 17. The car was assigned to an undercover deputy, and it was parked in front of the deputy’s home.

One of the guns made its way to a suspect who was shot last weekend by a Bakersfield police officer. Some of the other guns were recovered soon after the theft.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that its investigation into the theft has concluded, and the deputy is accused of not securing his firearms in accordance with the law.

He has been cited for an infraction.

Kern County DA Awarded an Exclusive Contribution for DUI Investigations

Bakersfield NewsBAKERSFIELD, California— The Kern County District Attorney’s Office has been awarded a $220,259 grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety to aid in the prosecution of drunken driving cases.


The DA said drunken drivers, especially those who cause death or injury, are predicted to face highly trained, specialized investigator thanks to the award.


A “vertical prosecution team” will handle cases from arrest to sentencing.


“This is a huge advantage, allowing them to provide the best services to victims and their families”, District Attorney Lisa Green said.


“This grant continues the highly successful partnership with OTS which provides us with the capability of handling highly complex DUI homicides and dangerous repeat offenders,” DA Lisa Green added.


Prosecution team members will get specialized training, including in the emerging problem area of drug-impaired driving.


In 2014, there were 39 deaths and 567 serious injuries because of DUI crashes in Kern County, according to the DA’s Office.


3 people from Bakersfield are killed in Las Vegas shooting, former Coalinga inhabitant is missing

3 people from Bakersfield were killed because of Las Vegas mass shooting; officials have already confirmed.

Those victims are Bailey Schweitzer, Victor Link and Jack Beaton. They all were long-time Kern County inhabitants.

Family members told that Beaton died when trying to protect his wife from shooting.

Kelsey Meadows a Fresno State graduate was also killed in the shooting. She graduated from Taft High School in 2007 and recently worked for the region as a substitute tutor.

Family members of the third victim Denise Cohen said she was at the festival with previous Coalinga resident Bo Taylor whose sons are in Las Vegas to see if their missing father is also among the victims.

Why Did Vice President Mike Pence Cancel His Visit to Bakersfield?

Vice President Mike Pence’s planned visit to Bakersfield has been postponed.


The Vice President was planned to be at a breakfast fundraiser which was hosted by House Majority Leader Kevin McCarty and Bakersfield Congressman on Friday morning.


A spokeswoman for the campaign of Pence confirmed on Wednesday that the Vice President is going to survey the damage in Florida because of Hurricane Irma.


This week Pence has a schedule to participate in a number of fundraisers in CA.

3 Tons of Cheese Has Been Recalled in CA due to Contamination


A possible bacterial contamination has become reason for a Miami company to recall 6,000 pounds of cheese from California.


As stated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the affeced cheese brand is Queso Duro Blando. This cheese is distributed by La Nica Products Inc., the cheese has the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

So, what is Listeria Monocytogenes?


It is an organism in which can cause serious and at times fatal infections especially in young children, frail or elderly people, and anyone else who has a weakened immune system. It sparks a danger to pregnant women,as it can cause miscarriages and still births. For all other healthy adults, it can arise flu like symptoms.


The expiration date of the cheese that has been effected is August 31, 2017. Also, the UPC code is 8 52304 74023 2 and 254 is the lot number. No illnesses has yet been reported and the Florida Department of Agriculture is conducting tests regarding the recall.

Within The Last Weeks The Third Bakersfield Man Dies In Tule River

Within the last handful of weeks a 22 year-old man has become the third person from Bakersfield to die in the Tule River in Tulare Country.

According to the Tulare Country Sheriff’s office, on Wednesday afternoon Jose Carlos Molina was in a popular swimming area called The Stairs, when he was swept away in extremely fast and dangerous currents.

Within minutes  deputies arrived, and Molina’s body was found and recovered that evening.

Last month two young women from Bakersfield, Alondra Orozco and Shreya Singh, both , were swept away.  Both of their bodies have since been recovered.

The Sheriff’s Office warns above average snow melt has created dangerous conditions, including extremely cold water and swift, very deceiving currents.